CARDINGTON — Christmas in Cardington, a popular event in the village for several years, will have a different profile this year because of COVID-19.

Instead of a one-night event, it will offer holiday related music, lights and prizes over the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Christmas in Cardington is sponsored by Friends of Cardington. They have carefully planned for attractions that will keep the amount of people visiting in the village to a minimum, while at the same time spreading the Christmas spirit.

The schedule isn’t complete but at this point there will be ten prizes awarded for decorations. FC Bank’s generosity, coupled with John Brehm and his team, will produce the largest-ever light display in the Community Park.

More homes and businesses will be involved in ways that will be announced soon. These events will be held in a virtual program or involve minimal gathering.

The committee said it hopes to keep the holiday spirit bright during this time in our country’s history as residents prepare for the coming year

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel