CARDINGTON — Village council employed two street workers, one temporary full time and the other temporary part time, when members met Aug. 17.

Acting on the recommendation of the village administrator and mayor, council filled the vacancy for a temporary full time street worker when they employed Patrick Moodispaugh, effective Aug. 24.

Employed as a part-time temporary, summer street worker was Dianne Matuch, effective Aug. 24.

In other business:

• Deb Fry, village fiscal officer, gave her report which included the check report. She noted the payment of $209,508.56 to Kirk Brothers, the WSRLA loan disbursement #1 and #2 for the Water Treatment plant upgrade project in the amount of $209,508.56.

Also noted was the all-steel carport equipment cover for the wastewater treatment plant in the amount of $2,055.00 and $5,906.27 to the Sutphen Corp for additional lights for the new fire engine. Council approved payment of these and other bills totaling $254,218.79.

• Fry said the second Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) disbursement for August is $16,000, the highest in several months- earlier disbursement for the same period were far less, she said. Fund balances are looking good but the Star Ohio rate of interest is “going down,” she said.

• Approved a resolution certifying to the county auditor the inclusion on the tax duplicate the amounts owed to the village for delinquent water and sewer charges totaling $435.52.

• Gary Goodman, fire chief, said the department has made 150 runs thus far this year, up from last year. He said the department has been doing “walk-throughs” when employees are not present with the most recent being a walk through CYT.

• Village Administrator Danny Wood said a water leak was discovered on Chesterville Avenue when workers who were installing a guard rail hit a water line with a loss of 100,000 gallons of water affecting nine customers.

The water in the tower went from 34 feet to 23 feet in 40 minutes, he said, losing a good 100,000 gallons of water. Repair was made, the leak stopped and work on the guard rail continued.

Wood said water carbon filters were scheduled to be started which will be the final step of the water plant upgrade and two new fire hydrants were also installed.

• He noted the sewer camera is being used around the village looking for trapped sewer gas leaks and blockages in the sanitary sewer lines. He said sewer gas can get into the house with a water trap, adding he is hoping to get all this information together for the engineers so they eventually estimate an amount needed to complete the repairs and apply for a grant to wrap up the project.

• Council will meet on Sept. 8.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel