Barnes seeking 87th district seat


Upper Sandusky resident Nick Barnes is running for the 87h House District seat on Nov. 3.

“My primary motivations for doing so are to increase transparency in our state legislature, to put an end to lobbyist and corporate influence, and to break the two-party stranglehold that corrupts our governance and discourse. I believe that only when we address these foundational issues can we create the type of government our nation’s founders envisioned — one that is truly of, by, and for the people,” Barnes said in a news release.

Barnes says he is opposed to special interests. He is running as a Democrat, but considers himself an Independent.

”By every objective measure, our government is a plutocracy, wherein the unlimited exchange of corporate cash and political favors has transformed “by and for the people” into “by and for wealthy, self-interested donors.” It is no accident that as corporate and lobbyist influence has skyrocketed,the viability, buying power, and economic security of everyday working Americans has plummeted.”

Barnes contends “our political representatives spend more time raising money for their campaigns than they do solving problems for their constituents, in practice more closely resembling salespeople than public stewards. Clearly, this reality could not have been part of the founders’ vision for our nation.”

He pointed to the recent scandal involving Speaker of the House Larry Householder.

“We need look no further than our own Statehouse, in fact, which is embroiled in a $60 million bribery scandal; and this is after a ​previous speaker was forced to resign when the FBI opened an investigation into ​his​ interactions with lobbyists.”

He added, “The whole system is rotten, and we need a wholesale exchange in leadership and attitude. I pledge never to accept money from political parties, lobbyists, corporations,or political action committees, whether I agree with what they advocate or not.”

Barnes is a self-described “social libertarian who believes in personal freedom, inclusiveness, and using our collective resources efficiently and accountably, but not intrusively.”

Recently, Barnes started a new food truck business.

He said he views “being a citizen-representative as a part-time service, not a career opportunity.”

These are his key issues:

• Renewing the economic and cultural viability of small family farms.

• Ensuring living wages and affordable health care for working class Ohioans.

• Revitalizing small towns through incentivizing local shopping and business.

• Cleaning up Lake Erie shores and waters and restoring the area to its former glory.

• Reducing regulations for cottage industries to encourage small entrepreneurial business startups.

• Restoring constitutional funding to our public education system, including libraries, rural broadband access, and vocational training.

• Making college and trade schools more affordable.

State Rep. Riordan McClain, R-Upper Sandusky, holds the seat.


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