Cardinal Center hosted the Scholastic Clay Target Program Championship last week, with a total of eight events being held during that time.

Following are the winners, both team and individual, from those events.

125 Target International Skeet

Overall: Zachary Maggard, N2Dust Shotgun Sports, 119.

Squad: Open, Sauk County, 288; Senior Divisions, Sauk County, 288.

Men: All, Zachary Maggard, 119; Collegiate, Cristian Lee, 110; Intermediate, Jerrod Croley, 89; Senior, Zachary Maggard, 119.

Ladies: All, Erin Lokke, 107; Collegiate, Erin Lokke, 107; Intermediate, Haidyn Stewart, 87; Senior, Phoebe Smith, 106.

125 Target Bunker Trap

Overall: Matthew Killeen, Shooting Sports at Arizona State University, 113.

Squad: All, Golden Eagle JV1, 293; Open, Flyway Clay Slayers, 280; Intermediate, TampA Bay Clays I, 228; Senior, Golden Eagle JV1, 293.

Men: All, Matthew Killeen, 113; Collegiate, Matthew Killeen, 113; Intermediate, Tony Meola, 100; Senior, Tristan Schroder, 108.

Ladies: All, Sydney Krieger, 105; Collegiate, Loretta Christian, 103; Intermediate, Taylor Dale, 94; Senior, Sydney Krieger, 105.

200 Target American Skeet

Overall: Hunter Raley, Warriors, 200.

Teams: Collegiate, Shooting Sports at Arizona State University, 591; Senior, Central Falcons, 593.

Squads: Rookie, Forest City Rookies 1, 506; Intermediate/Entry, Henry County NFZ IE Skeet I, 535; Intermediate/Advanced, CGES LA Skeet Black, 577; Senior/Jr. Varsity, #3 CGES JV Skeet Black, 569; Senior/Varsity, Central Grey, 593; Open, Mid Carolina 4H, 570.

Men: Rookie, Rhys Stewart, 192; Intermediate/Entry, Dylan Uitermarkt, 194; Advanced, Lane Montford, 196; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Connard Bailey, 195; Senior/Varsity, Hunter Raley, 200; Collegiate, Justin Boitano, 198.

Ladies: Rookie, Isabella Carr, 157; Intermediate/Entry, Ayden McKenzie, 178; Intermediate/Advanced, Caroline Cashion, 195; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Madeline Corbin, 192; Senior/Varsity, Reanna Frauens, 199; Collegiate, Gracie Whitley, 193.

200 Target Doubles Trap

Overall: Rennie Wilson III, Etowah Valley Mambas, 195.

Team: Collegiate, Union Grove Broncos Shooting Club, 847.

Squad: Rookie, Golden Eagle Rookie, 604; Intermediate/Entry, Ankeny Little Jags, 585; Intermediate/Advanced, LOST Open Trap, 789; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Golden Eagle JV 1, 914; Senior/Varsity, Outlaw Varsity, 875; Open, Henges Doubles, 905.

Men: Rookie, Carson Sievers, 175; Intermediate/Entry, Chase Bindl, 183; Intermediate/Advanced, Thomas Burton, 188; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Steven Margherio, 194; Senior/Varsity, Rennie Wilson III, 195; Collegiate, Wyatt Hambly, 190.

Ladies: Rookie, Gracie Shoaf, 86; Intermediate/Entry, Sydnee Young, 155; Intermediate/Advanced, Haidyn Stewart, 171; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Ava Lensch, 174; Senior/Varsity, Reanna Frauens, 191; Collegiate, Rebecca Tierney, 185.

200 Target Handicap Trap

Overall: Wyatt Sibley, Golden Eagle, 199.

Team: Collegiate, Shooting Sports of Arizona State University, 840.

Squad: Rookie, Pella, 139; Intermediate/Entry, Ankeny Little Jags, 607; Intermediate/Advanced, Waterford WI Handicap 3, 828; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Golden Eagle JV1, 883; Senior/Varsity, Ankeny Jaguars Alpha, 922; Open, The Do Alls, 832.

Men: Rookie, Carson Sievers, 181; Intermediate/Entry, Chase Bindl, 187; Intermediate/Advanced, Wyatt Sibley, 199; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Landon Sievers, 190; Senior/Varsity, Rennie Wilson III, 191; Collegiate, Brennan Kamer, 187.

Ladies: Rookie, Gracie Shoaf, 131; Intermediate/Entry, Sydnee Young, 163; Intermediate/Advanced, Haidyn Stewart, 178; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Ava Lensch, 183; Senior/Varsity, Grace Marlen, 190; Collegiate, Camrynne Karr, 184.

200 Target Sporting Clays

Overall: Rennie Wilson III, Etowah Valley Mambas, 191.

Teams: Collegiate, Forest City Juniors, 536. Senior Divisions, Central Falcons, 535.

Squads: Rookie, Forest City Rookies 1, 420; Intermediate/Entry, Hawkeyes-Clays Intermediate Entry #1, 464; Intermediate/Advanced, Forest City Juniors IA, 490; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Lost JV, 508; Senior/Varsity, #1 CGES Varsity Sporting Black, 545; Open, Mid Carolina 4H, 519.

Men: Rookie, Carson Sievers, 154; Intermediate/Entry, Kip Cawley, 167; Intermediate/Advanced, Drake Cooper, 174; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Turner Parcell, 189; Senior Varsity, Rennie Wilson III, 191; Collegiate, Douglas Williams, 189.

Ladies: Rookie, Isabella Carr, 104; Intermediate/Entry, Ayden McKenzie, 139; Intermediate/Advanced, Lilly Herr, 170; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Ella Martin, 152; Senior/Varsity, Dallas Ward, 183; Sarah Schwacher, 168.

200 Target Singles Trap

Overall: Jedidiah Baggett, Houston County Lucky Shots, 199.

Teams: Collegiate, Shooting Sports at Arizona State University, 956; Senior Divisions, Warren County Claybusters, 982.

Squads: Rookie, Golden Eagle Rookie I, 868; Intermediate/Entry, Henges IE, 854; Intermediate/Advanced, CYSS National IA, 936; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Golden Eagle JV, 972; Senior/Varsity, W. County Varsity 1, 971; Open, Giles County Clay Dusters, 974.

Men: Rookie, Carson Sievers, 196; Intermediate/Entry, Kip Cawley, 191; Intermediate/Advanced, Jedidiah Baggett, 199; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Steven Margherio, 198; Senior/Varsity, Joey Donato, 199; Collegiate, Briley Cox, 199.

Ladies: Rookie, Elizabeth R. Smith, 169; Intermediate/Entry, Lillian West, 191; Intermediate/Advanced, Madison Oswalt, 195; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Madeline Corbin, 194; Senior/Varsity, Grace Marlen, 198; Collegiate, Aimee Spiering, 195.

100 Target Doubles Skeet

Overall: Hunter Jordan, Katy Dusters, 100.

Team: Collegiate, Forest City Juniors, 289; Senior Divisions.

Squads: Rookie, Forest City Rookie, 260; Intermediate/Entry, Forest City IE 1, 249; Intermediate/Advanced, CGES IA Red, 274; Senior/Jr. Varsity, LOST JV, 277; Senior/Varsity, CGES Double Skeet Black, 286; Open, Ben Avery Open Squad, 277.

Men: Rookie, Lucas McKenzie, 89; Intermediate/Entry, Brendan Riggins, 91; Intermediate/Advanced, Dalton Dennis, 96; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Turner Parcell, 98; Senior/Varsity, Hunter Jordan, 100; Collegiate, Isac VanWormer, 97.

Ladies: Rookie, June McKenzie, 39; Intermediate/Entry, Ayden McKenzie, 82; Intermediate/Advanced, Abi Pazderski, 90; Senior/Jr. Varsity, Sara Fox, 96; Senior/Varsity, Dallas Ward, 97; Collegiate, Sarah Schwacher, 95.

Youth shooters competed in the SCTP Championships last week at Cardinal Center. shooters competed in the SCTP Championships last week at Cardinal Center. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

There were eight events for youth to shoot in at the Cardinal Center last week during the SCTP Championships. were eight events for youth to shoot in at the Cardinal Center last week during the SCTP Championships. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

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