EDISON — Mayor Patti Feustal reported that she has entered into an agreement with Morrow County Sheriff John Hinton for additional coverage for patrolling of the village by deputies.

Council approved her working on that agreement at the May council meeting.

In other business:

• Council member Erica Walsh has resigned her council seat. Any residents interested in being a council member are to contact the village office.

• A citizen made a complaint about a property that is “an eyesore in the neighborhood.” Feustal said she will send a letter to the owner. Salisbury said he has sent several letters and that property owner may soon be a candidate for a sheriff’s notice.

• Village Administrator Mary Neviska said she is pleased to see that residents are doing well on payment of sewer/water bills.

Neviska reported that she has applied for a grant for GIS mapping for the village. She said that tablets are provided for village workers in the grant. This will allow workers to monitor water and sewer connections more efficiently in the village.

• Salisbury is concerned with fencing for the salvage/impound dealer in the village. Village Attorney Rob Ratliff said he will follow up on state licensing requirements for salvage/impound business.

• Council approved the amended 2020 budget and 2021 budget with 20 percent reductions. Ackerman said they reflect the 20 percent cuts requested by the county auditor. Areas reduced are in the roads and streets budgets and the general fund. Reductions are in things that are dependent on gas tax and local government funding.

• Clean-up committee is planning for July clean-up days. More details will be posted on the village Face Book page and on the municipal building sign.

• Ratliff reported on the status of the five properties that are received from the county of abandoned and deteriorating properties in the village. The two remaining amounts to be paid are $2,830 to the Auditor and $136 to the Recorder.

The properties can be put out for public bid after final closing costs and paper work is completed. He estimated that 90 days will be needed after closing. Council approved the amounts of $2,830 and $136 to complete the closing.

• Council approved payment of bills in May of $82,850.97. That includes the bill in May for the USDA annual payment for the sewer system loan of $74,803.18. June bills were approved for payment of $2,646.81.

• The next village council meeting is Monday, July 13 at 7 p.m. in the municipal building.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel