MOUNT GILEAD — A sidewalk cafe ordinance passed unanimously through village council Monday night.

Mayor Jamie Brucker said he was approached last year by a downtown restaurant/bar that wanted to do outdoor dining.

“This is for places like La Cabanita and The End Zone that serve alcoholic beverages,” Brucker said. “The ice cream shop and Sames and Cook have outdoor seating already. This doesn’t affect them.”

Those that serve alcohol must comply with the state of Ohio’s requirements for a fenced-in patio area.

Council members thought it was important to support local businesses, especially those hurt resulting from COVID-19 closures.

Council also felt strongly — as evidenced by a 6-0 vote — that the municipal pool not open this summer due to safety concerns.

“We are asking 17-year-olds to enforce rules that are controversial,” Village Administrator Derek Allen said.

Council member Donna Carver said some businesses are having difficulty enforcing social distancing with adults.

“I will not put a minor in the position of doing that. Also, with the leaking we’ve had, is it safe to put people in that pool?” Carver said.

She noted the pool is 40 years old and leaked 1.3 million gallons of water last year.

Council member Chris Sherbourne thinks a fiscal analysis is needed because of the pool’s condition.

“I don’t think we should throw another dollar at the pool now,” he said. “It is a financial downfall and a huge liability.”

Fellow council member Emily Shaffer agreed. “It is too big of a liability.”

In other business:

• The sewer relocation on North Street is on-going and should be completed in the next few days. They have already set one manhole in the street and are working on the second manhole today. There are three manholes total, Allen reported.

“Other than the emergency repair at the wastewater plant, spending has been for only routine maintenance and operations and we continue to be frugal during this economic downturn,” Allen said.

The display panel on the back-up generator for the wastewater treatment plant went out and is being replaced by Buckeye Power Sales. The price was $4,196.33.

• Paving for the High Pressure District Watermain Replacement is scheduled for this week, weather permitting. The streets are Center, North and Walnut streets. The milling was performed last Friday. Yard restoration for that project will take place after the paving and that will complete the project.

• The graduation banners have been hung to honor 80 high school graduates. These will remain up until the week of June 29 and the veterans banners will go up by July 4 to honor county veterans. Those will stay up until after Veterans Day.

Allen said crews will place the American flags downtown prior to July 4.

• The village has ordered paint to paint the buildings at the Service Department. The cost of the paint was offset by the sale of wood from trees that needed to be cut down.

• Council meets at 7 p.m. June 1 at village hall.

By Anthony Conchel

[email protected]