Hi my name is Rebecca Cantrell. I came to Highland in 6th grade.

From the start I met a lot of amazing friends. Throughout highschool I did one year or color guard for marching band and two years of NJROTC and one year of drill for NJROTC.

I love spending time with friends and family, painting and drawing, and swimming. I’m also graduating a year early. It sucks that I’m missing my only opportunity to go to prom and that I’m going to be missing my final months of senior year.

But I wouldn’t change my choice to graduate early. I know all of the seniors feel like they’re missing out right now, but we all need to be there for each other in any way possible. I know we can’t spend time with friends or anything like that because of social distancing but we can FaceTime each other and make sure we are doing OK.

Also if you’re not a senior please try to make sure your senior friends know how much they mean to you, make sure they are OK and try to make them smile or laugh every once in a while. Times might be tough right now, but that’s when the community being family makes it so much easier.


By Rebecca Cantrell

For The Sentinel