Seniors on Center changes meal schedule


MOUNT GILEAD — Seniors on Center Nutrition Site Manager Debbie Ruth reported on changes for the Seniors on Center Home Delivered Meals program Tuesday.

The senior center had already canceled all classes and events last week following the governor’s request.

Seniors will begin receiving five frozen meals on Monday instead of the usual daily delivery of hot meals by volunteers. Staff will deliver the meals on Mondays and ask that seniors have a table to set the meals on when they are delivered. Seniors will need to sign for the meal as usual when they arrive.

Ruth said this was a decision for getting meals to seniors with less need for volunteers to go in and out of homes and risk exposure to the coronavirus. She said a few seniors have asked not to have meals delivered because they fear exposure.

The Home Delivered Meals program is one of the services that remain since events, classes and meetings were canceled at Seniors on Center. Transport for doctor’s visits and other essential services will still be available and some clients on dialysis will also be served.

While Ruth is “worried about depression for some seniors” due to their isolation, she said they are very resilient.

“I called many people today to see how they are doing and they seem to be just fine,” Ruth said. “We just don’t know how long this will go on. That is the hard part.”

The staff has also worked hard to disinfect and clean over the past week.

Ruth said they want seniors to know they are there for them if they need medicine or food. She encourages all seniors to follow Seniors on Center on Facebook or call 419-946-4191 with questions.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel

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