EDISON — At the opening of the March 9 village council meeting, Edison resident Nikki Ryan thanked Mayor Patti Feustal for the informative newsletter sent to village residents this month. She also thanked the council for their efforts to clean up the village.

Feustal said she hopes to get the newsletter out on a regular basis to announce events and village business.

Ryan said that she was glad to see the village council is now working to enforce ordinances concerning junk and abandoned vehicles. She said some old cars on her street have been there 15 years.

Village Zoning Inspector Kevin Salisbury said that of the 21 offenses he has written up, one has done a good job of cleaning up and several others are working on it.

The ordinance states that vehicles that are inoperable or not properly licensed can be towed away at the owner’s expense. It was also discussed that other ordinances state that litter, garbage and waste material on properties should be disposed of.

“These ordinances aren’t new,” Feustal said. “They are also part of Ohio law.”

In other matters:

• Another resident asked about the possibility of bidding on the abandoned properties the village will be taking ownership of.

Village Attorney Rob Ratliff said the property transfers are not yet finalized and council will make a decision later on how they will be sold or if buildings will be demolished. Council will let people know when properties are available.

• Council member Dawn Salisbury talked about street clean-up. Grass clippings and leaves can be put in paper bags to be picked up by the street crew. They hope to get bags that residents can purchase for that purpose.

Feustal recommended that they have a clean-up day for the village. Kevin and Dawn Salisbury and Chris Kneipp volunteered to organize the activity. Village Administrator Mary Neviska said she will call the Health Department and Lindsey Grimm about getting containers and gloves for the clean-up.

Feustal added that Whetstone Industries had a couple individuals who volunteered to help the village with clean-up.

• Neviska reported $9,787 income from sewer bills in February. She reported that they sold the tailgate and splash shield to JJ Auto Parts in Ashley and the truck and trailer were sold at the consignment sale at the Fairgrounds. After checking with the county prosecutor’s office, Neviska and Feustal also disposed of all the papers, drugs, bullets and other miscellaneous items that were in the police department.

• Neviska reported a property owner who wants to be annexed into the village. Ratliff said that there is quite a bit of paperwork involved. There is some expense in fees.

• Kneipp said he isn’t hopeful about the village getting the school property for a park. He said that the school board won’t make a decision until a new superintendent is chosen.

• Dawn Salisbury reported that the Street Committee is recommending that Enterprise, Williams and part of Railroad streets get bids for paving this summer. Other streets will need some repairs. The committee is also walking in the village to see what sidewalks need repaired.

• Council approved permanent appropriations as recommended by council member Sandy Ackerman. The main change in the budget was making appropriations for police protection for the village and street paving.

• Council approved payment for February bills for $9,555.27 and for March payment listing for $1,579.57.

• Kneipp recommended the council consider purchasing new street name signs. He said the present signs have several different types of letters and some are very old. Money was set aside in the budget for signs last year.

• The next Edison Village Council meeting will be Monday, April 13 at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Building.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel