Marty Barnett, from the Mount Gilead Public Library, provided the activity when Cardington seniors met for their monthly luncheon at the Senior Center February 28.

Barnett led the group in making a “tea envelope” using decorative paper, folded into a small envelope and a ribbon bow attached with a small tea bag and spoon tucked inside.

This could be a favor or with a magnet, used to decorate the refrigerator. The group noted they could use season decorations to make many different envelopes.

Pastor Steve Dennis led the devotions based on Romans 4 concerning Abraham being blessed by God because of his faith, not by his good works. Abraham and his wife were very old yet God promised them a great nation would come from Abraham’s seed and it came to pass. Thus we should trust God.

The seniors will meet next on Friday, March 27, for lunch with meeting to follow. Cookies will be provided by Marie Christiano and Carolyn Poorman.

The program will be led by Erin Coss with “Peace of Mind” seminar. This presentation will be from Snyder Funeral Homes.

Reservations and cancellations should be made by noon March 26, by calling the Senior Center at 419-946-4191.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel