EDISON — The village’s mayor elect, Patti Feustal, is working with Edison Village Council and Mayor Sandy Ackerman on planning the transition into 2020 with a few changes.

One major change for the village is the disbanding of the Bureau of Public Affairs Board (BPA) and transitioning to a Village Administrator.

The BPA’s task is to administer and operate water, sewer and utilities. Clerk for the BPA, Mary Neviska, said they have had problems getting anyone to serve on that board in the past few years. The grants they have for sewer and water operation require that there is either a BPA board or village administrator for oversight.

Edison Fiscal Officer Bruce Seaburn said council offered Neviska the position of Village Administrator since she has been BPA Clerk for 13 years and she knows that part of the job very well. She will continue with utilities, water and sewer and will also be doing some work with the street department.

Council asked Village Attorney Rob Ratliff to write an appropriate resolution for the next meeting to make the transition official and transfer the BPA responsibilities to the village administrator.

Neviska will work with Feustal and council on a job description.

“I’ve talked to Patti about this new job. We want to have a team approach in doing the work in the village,” Neviska said. “We all will work real well together.”

In other business:

• Ratliff reported that he will be working with the prosecutor and the sheriff on procedures for filing charges and serving notices on properties with maintenance violations. This will allow criminal charges to be filed on owners who are in violation of village ordinances on the condition of their property.

There are presently two properties in violation. The owners are given several notifications before charges are filed.

• Ratliff said that the present vehicle ordinance is adequate to abate nuisance vehicles that are without license plates and are wrecked, abandoned or inoperable. It allows the village to tow the vehicles away after notice is given to owners. Cost of the charges will be billed to the owners.

• In her mayor’s report, Ackerman noted that flooring in areas of the municipal building need to be repaired or replaced. Council will need to get a quote on cost for repair.

Council approved bills for November of $8,466.74 and for December of $11,253.99. Those payments include the last two payments for the siren and installation of American Signal Corp. for $6,750 and to Millers Crane Service for $910.

• The next meeting of Edison Village Council will be Monday, Jan. 13 at 7 p.m. in the Edison Municipal building.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel