9 CR 170, Bennington Township, Rhoda Hill to Bruner Land Company, Inc., $27,045.

Township 211, Bennington Township, Silverhille Enterprises LLC to Ace Welding & Mechanical LLC, $70,000.

CR 66, Canaan Township, John Howard, trustee, to Gary and Rebecca Meade, $50,000.

2129 CR 11, Cardington Township, Kenneth Cowles, trustee, Keystone Inher Trust to Daniel Thompson and Cynthia Baker, $225,000.

4534 CR 9, Cardington Township, Clay and Diana Hawk to James and Ronda Everman, $77,500.

2781 CR 137, Cardington Township, Clyde and Loretta Beveridge to Matthew Kaiser, $153,500.

115 2nd St., Cardington, Frank Lewis Jr. to Hass Builders LLC, $25,000.

416 S. Marion St., Cardington, Lynn Conley to Steve and Heidi Damron, $135,500.

135 Kenny Lane, Cardington, Linda Leasure to Lisa Cooper, $50,000.

TR 181, Chester Township, Denise Dailey to William and Samantha Rhinebolt, $218,000.

7655 TR 177, Chester Township, Denise Byrnes et al to Ronald and Carol Jensen, $290,000.

60 Portland Street, Chesterville, Andrew Orecchio to Alexis Warwick, $114,900.

CR 46, Congress Township, Danaiel Coldwell et al to David and Katie Keim, $336,210.

5690 TR 96, Congress Township, David and Susie Byler to Kelly Barker, $178,000.

6188 CR 93, Congress Township, Erika Murray to Nick Helber, $118,500.

Lots 119, 120, Congress Township, Christopher and Sarah Holcomb to Bryan and Laura Takos, $18,000.

Lots 87, 88, 89, Congress Township, Shawn Komer to Jimmy King Jr., $134,050.

Lots 258, 259, Congress Township, Heidi Holmer to Jonathan and Brooke Sweeney, $155,000.

Lot 182, Congress Township, NP Dodge Jr., trustee, to Frank and Kerri Laughery, $289,900.

4736 TR 96, Congress Township, David and Susie Byler to Richard and Kimberly Ford, $212,000.

5405 TR 14, Franklin Township, Stephen and Cathleen Godfrey to Rodney and Lori Schlingerman, $489,000.

5757 TR 105, Gilead Township, Ralph Hawk to Dustin and Laura Richards, $95,700.

276 West Marion Road, Mount Gilead, Valerie Edwards to Johnathon and Sarah Robson, $129,900.

235 Iberia Street, Mount Gilead, Toby Kissling to Jeffrey Jeter, $149,000.

158 E. North St., Mount Gilead, Nicholas and Kacie Branham to William and Emily Foos, $100,000.

534 Buckeye Lane, Mount Gilead, Victoria Chaffin to John and Christy Dailey, $126,000.

390 N. Main St., Mount Gilead, Patricia Harden to Norman Loyer, $155,000.

5630 South TR 122, Harmony Township, Arvydas Uzkurys and Patricia Williamson to Todd and Susan Snyder, $156,000.

4660 TR 179, Harmony Township, Jonathan and Brooke Sweeney to Craig and Cynthia Steele, $220,000.

4999 CR 187, Harmony Township, Brenda Sherbondy to William and Deborah Steward, $60,000.

4677 CR 23, Harmony Township, B&G Investors to Arnold Changhui, $132,550.

2495 CR 25, Lincoln Township Ronald and Rhonda Cremeans to John Horsley, $180,000.

3274 TGR 124, Lincoln Township, Billy White to William and Joann Lyon Revocable Living Trust, $107,000.

2636 SR 61, Lincoln Township, George and Vicki Allen to Dax and Amanda Allen, $390,000.

5158 CR 29, North Bloomfield Township, Justin and Kathryn Robbins to Michael and Alissa Carey, $176,000.

6996 SR 314, Perry Township, Andy and Susie Wengerd to Eli and Lizzie Troyer, $150,000.

Johnstown Street, Johnsville, Randy and Patricia Lewis to Whitney Rotter, $98,500.

3480 TR 221, Peru Township, Ohio Ministries of The Church of God to Fishburn Farms Inc., $2,050,000.

TR 13, South Bloomfield Township, Bruner Land Compan Inc. to JR Roofing LLC, $47,500.

TR 197, South Bloomfield Township, Steve and Melinda Wilczynski to Benjamin Crum and Sarah Makowski, $250,000.

CR 9, Washington Township, Phyllis Hawk to Jarod Vanderkooi, $53,000.

SR 61 Rear, Iberia, Jacob and Nichole Miller to Stephen and Jodi Escue, $2,000.

CR 153, Westfield Township, Susan Bierl to Ricky and Susan Clunk, $405,851.

SR 229, South Bloomfield Township, Israel-Perry LLC to Bildour Rentals LLC, $143,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor