Karen’s Cup held at Cardinal Center


The trap shooting season at Cardinal Center began in late May, as Karen’s Cup was held from May 24-26 with seven different events being held over those three days.

Saturday’s Singles Championship was the biggest of the events, with 187 participants. Overall, there were a total of 898 competitors in the events.

Following are the results of the events.

Event #1: Rick A. Springer Singles

Class AA, Dirk Meckstroth, 100; Class A, Michael Meacham, 99; Class B, Randy Wheeler, 97; Class C, Burdette Willard, 96; Class D, George Beechum, 95; Sub Junior, Taylor Whitley, 97; Junior, Joshua Berger, 98; Junior Gold, Austin Jacob, 98; Sub Veteran, Steve Charnigo, 99; Veteran, Robert Dyer, 100; Sr. Veteran, Robert Drake, 100; Lady1, Jennifer Schwartz, 98; Lady2, Sandra Spencer, 95.

Event #2: Eric Shreve Handicap

Champion, Thomas Hypes, 97; Runner-up, Gary Sollars, 97; Third place, David Berlet, 95; Sub Junior, Charles Moody Jr., 88; Junior, Wyatt Kistler, 93; Junior Gold, Austin Jacob, 95; Sub Veteran, Chuck Wilson, 95; Veteran, Ronald Charniga, 95; Sr. Veteran, Richard Partin, 96; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 92; Lady2, Tricia Gross, 88.

Event #3: Steve Stedman Doubles

Class AA, Dirk Meckstroth, 195; Class A, Timothy McMillan, 192; Class B, Dennis Bogner, 186; Class C, James Jones Jr., 186; Class D, Eric Cunningham, 176; Sub Junior, Charles Moody Jr., 172; Junior, Bryce Havenar, 174; Junior Gold, Austin Jacob, 193; Sub Veteran, Carl Schultz, 193; Veteran, Steve Corwin, 197; Sr. Veteran, Rodney Sheets, 180; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 185; Lady2, Barbara Grant, 160.

Event #4: Singles Championship

Champion, Dirk Meckstroth, 199; Class AA, Steve Stedman, 196; Class A, John Javersak, 196; Class B, Jason Zimmerman, 193; Class C, Bert Scali, 193; Class D, Charles Moody Jr., 189; Sub Junior, Cody Lehman, 193; Junior, Bryce Havanar, 192; Junior Gold, Thomas Lynch, 170; Sub Veteran, Rick Springer, 196; Veteran, Robert Dyer, 198; Sr. Veteran, George Ritzenthaler, 195; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 195; Lady2, Sandra Spencer, 192.

Event #5: Saturday Preliminary Handicap

Champion, Chris Howell, 94; Runner-up, Nate May, 94; Third place, Jack Borowski, 93; Sub Junior, Taylor Whitley, 93; Junior, Reece Holmes, 88; Junior Gold, Curtis Oyler, 85; Sub Veteran, Michael Hankins, 90; Veteran, Samuel Runkle, 94; Sr. Veteran, John Rauze, 87; Lady1, Rachel Kelly, 87.

Event #6: Doubles Championship

Champion, Randy Wilhelm, 99; Class AA, Dan Ryan, 99; Class A, Donald Cogan, 96; Class B, Josh Brown, 92; Class C, Lloyd Anders, 93; Class D, Rodney Brown, 87; Sub Junior, Ethan Holcomb, 95; Junior, Bryce Havenar, 95; Junior Gold, J.M. Perrill, 82; Sub Veteran, Jeffrey Schlichter, 95; Veteran, Tom Cecil, 98; Sr. Veteran, Michael Roese, 96; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 97; Lady2, Maggie Kalejs, 70.

Event #7: Handicap Championship

Champion, Ethan Holcomb, 99; Runner-up, Britt Havenar, 98; Third place, John Thomas, 94; Sub Junior, Taylor Whitney, 92; Junior, Zack Howell, 96; Junior Gold, J.M. Perrill, 80; Sub Veteran, Carl Schultz, 94; Veteran, Darrel Murray, 96; Sr. Veteran, Ronald Geesling, 95; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 93; Lady2, Noreen Snively, 69.

All Around

Champion, Darrel Murray, 386; Class AA, John Thomas, 384; Class A, Britt Havenar, 382; Class B, Alan Marmalich, 369; Class C, Rachel Kelly, 356; Class D, Charles Moody Jr., 357; Sub Junior, Ethan Holcomb, 385; Junior, Bryce Havenar, 378; Sub Veteran, Ed Harruff, 377; Veteran, Ronald Charniga, 380; Sr. Veteran, David Berlet, 362; Lady1, Summer Gobrecht, 385.

By Rob Hamilton

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Rob Hamilton can be reached at 419-946-3010, ext. 1807. Connect with him on Twitter at @SportsMCS

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