By Rob Hamilton

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The girls’ bowling team at Cardington claimed four recent wins.

They topped Centerburg by a 1830-1455 score on Feb. 1, with Laney Sherbourne rolling 303 over two games and Frankie Arnold having a total of 257.

Their next win was by a 1713-740 win over East Knox on Jan. 28. Laynee Wilson led the team by rolling 339, while Addie Wilhelm scored 331. Sherbourne scored 272, Arnold rolled 259 and Morgan Lehner had a total of 251 pins.

On Jan. 25, the Lady Pirates defeated River Valley by a 1998-1637 margin. Wilhelm rolled 442 over two games to lead the team, while Wilson scored 350 pins. Also rolling in both games were Sherbourne (295), Arnold (283) and Lehner (254).

In a 1849-1602 win over Northmor on Jan. 21, Wilson tallied 423 pins over two games, while Wilhelm had a total of 368. Also, Lehner (254) and Arnold (236) competed in both games.

Cardington’s boys’ bowling team earned wins in three of those matches.

Against Centerburg, the team won 1803-1747, with Connor Halbert rolling a 408 two-game series. Ryan Speck (362), Tyler Kintz (357) and Eric Hamilton (350) all also rolled both games.

The team topped East Knox 1786-1312, as Jakob Edgell rolled 340. Speck finished with a two-game total of 280, while Cole Collins rolled 242 and Halbert scored 235.

The team was defeated 1942-1709 by River Valley. Kintz rolled 313 for Cardington, while Hamilton had a total of 307 pins.

Against Northmor, Cardington won 1731-1485, as Speck rolled 356, Hamilton scored 298 and Mike Blake rolled 294.

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