A recent survey by the National Health and Nutrition Examination reports two in three adults in the United States are overweight or obese (data collected in 2014). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention support those findings, reporting that more than 90 million men and women around the world fall outside a healthy weight.

Statistics from the three counties in Ohio vary widely across weight and body mass index (BMI).

Two of the counties fall below the national and state averages for total pounds to lose to reach a healthy weight/BMI. The third rises far above these averages.

In Morrow County, data suggests residents have, on average, 48 pounds to lose to meet the definition of a healthy weight. That’s a whopping 23-percent lower than the state average (63 pounds) and 18-percent lower than the national average (59 pounds). Concerning BMI, the average woman weighs 175 pounds and has a BMI of 31 … about six points above what’s considered “healthy.”

In Crawford County, statistics reveal an average amount of weight to lose at 57 pounds. This amount still brings the county in below state and national averages. The 57 pounds is 10-percent lower than the state and 4-percent lower than the national average. Men weigh an average of 209 pounds and measure a BMI of 31. The average woman, on the other hand, weighs in at 184 pounds with a BMI of 33.

Finally, Richland County comes in as the heaviest of the three counties. The average amount of weight a resident of the county should lose is just less than 80 pounds. Regarding state and national measurements, the county weighs in at 26- and 34-percent higher than state and national averages, respectively. Breaking the numbers down by gender, men tend to weigh in at 263 pounds and a BMI of 37. Women stand firm at a BMI of 33 and average weight of 192 pounds.

All data collected by Dietspotlight.com was anonymously recorded via self-reporting visitors seeking weight-loss support in the forms of fat burners, diet pills, meal-replacement shakes, workout programs, and other similar products.

The research team partners with medical and nutrition professionals via a Medical Review Board consisting of well-respected men and women including, Anthony Dugarte MD, Summer Banks FNS, Roxanne Moore RDN, Natalie Rizzo RD, Danielle Omar RDN, Devon Golem RD, and Erin Peisach RDN.

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