MOUNT GILEAD — It you got to the store late last week and your favorite grocer was already out of milk, bread, beer, water and toilet paper, here’s an early warning for more bad weather in the offing this weekend.

A major winter storm is trying to pull itself together in the southwest United States.

According to early predictions, it could drop up to 8 inches of snow on north central Ohio on Saturday and Sunday before it moves to the East Coast. Some models called for more than 12 inches of snow in this part of the Buckeye State.

So this week, maybe pick up a couple loaves, a couple cases, several extra rolls and some jugs of fresh water, too.

This from the website

Weather guessers are watching a potential winter storm. Snow is likely. The high will be 29 on Saturday with winds of 10-20 mph. The chance of snow is 80 percent with 5 to 8 inches predicted on Saturday and another inch or so on Sunday.

The low Saturday night will 14, with the temperature near zero early Sunday.

These forecasts are always subject to change, so keep an eye on your local weather guessers as the storm gets closer.

By Russ Kent

Aim Media Midwest