Feb. 9- Domestic violence

Mount Gilead Police responded to a domestic complaint on South Delaware Street.

Feb. 9- Assist other unit

An MGPD transported a female patient to the Morrow County Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Feb. 10- Narcotics complaint

An officer responded to a call from the Kroger Pharmacy that a person tried to obtain a dangerous drug.

Feb. 10- Domestic complaint

A North Main Street resident called to report a domestic dispute.

Feb. 11- Traffic offense

Mount Gilead Police cited a drive on West High Street for driving under suspension.

Feb. 11- Threats

A West High Street resident called to report a series of threatening incidents with another woman.

Feb. 12- Theft

Employees at Certified Gas Station stated that a person filled their vehicle without paying for gas.

Feb. 12- Traffic offense

An officer cited a driver on West High Street for driving under suspension.

Feb. 13- Misdemeanor warrant

MGPD arrested a Westview Drive woman on a misdemeanor warrant out of Mayor’s Court.

Feb. 13- Theft

Drug Mart employees reported a shoplifting incident.

Feb. 13- Mental

An officer was dispatched to Morrow County Hospital to retrieve a mental patient that had escaped the medical facility.

Feb. 13- Theft

A North Cherry Street resident reported that she had multiple boxes of checks stolen from her home.

Feb. 14- Sex offense

Morrow County Children Services called to report a sexual offense.

Feb. 14- Hit-skip accident

A North Cherry Street driver called to report her car was struck by a vehicle that left the scene.

Feb. 15- Theft

A Neal Avenue resident reported that money was taken from her vehicle overnight.

Feb. 16- Assist other unit

A MGPD officer arrested a Westview Drive resident on a felony warrant.

Feb. 19- Traffic offense

An officer cited and arrested a driver of East High Street for an OVI offense.

Feb. 20- Traffic offense

MGPD cited and released a driver on North Main Street for driving under suspension.


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