Central Ohio Farmers Co-op, Inc. (COFC), a full service cooperative founded in 1934 and based

in Marion, Ohio, has reached an agreement to purchase an ownership interest in Ag Info Tech of Mount Vernon,

Ohio. Ag Info Tech is currently owned by Tim Norris, their founder and CEO, and Town & Country Co-op (T&C).

Under the agreement, the three owners will work together to guide AIT’s business.

Ag Info Tech provides high quality precision ag products and Services, and was voted the 2015 North American

Most Valuable Dealership of the Year by Precision Farming Dealer Magazine. They help farmers integrate crop

record keeping and data analysis with today’s precision ag tools. Ag Info Tech’s training and consulting services

allow farmers to make the most informed decisions possible for their fields.

“The team at Ag Info Tech is very excited about partnering with COFC,” said Tim Norris. “Being able to combine

our services with COFC’s exceptional amenities including agronomists, variable rate technology and grid soil

sampling with be extremely beneficial and rewarding to the growers in both of our companies. The Ag Info Tech

team is looking forward to being able to bring the latest in precision technology to COFC’s growers and aid them

in being as precise and accurate as possible.”

The partnership will officially start March 1. COFC is excited to be able to expand upon the products and services

they are able to offer to their members and customers to help them obtain optimal yields. Planting solutions

include individual row shutoffs, planter performance monitoring, hydraulic down force control and more. Training

will be available for all products that are offered.

“Ag Info Tech has earned the trust of their customers by providing the quality products and information they need

to make their farms more productive,” said Scott Crowder, CEO of COFC. “We are proud to work with them so

that our growers can utilize technological advances to benefit their operations.”

For more information about Central Ohio Farmers Co-op, Inc. and all of their divisions, visit their website at www.

centralohfarm.com or call them at (800) 258-2213.