Gilead Friends Church has continually to strengthen its own church and surrounding community by advancing its message of Christian discipleship.

And the church’s newest pastor Richard Jones looks to continue the foundation the church has established.

“My mission with Gilead Friends is the same as the church’s mission,” he said. “Which is to be and make active disciples of Jesus Christ. My particular role in that mission, as Senior Pastor, is to equip the people of Gilead Friends to carry out the being and making disciples by encouraging, instructing, and providing opportunities.”

Jones, while serving parishioners in a new role, is no stranger to the Gilead Friends community.

“I actually grew up attending Gilead Friends Church,” the pastor said. “I received my BA in Youth Ministry from Malone University in 2003, married my wife, Aleta and began serving as an Associate Pastor of a church in Walkersville, MD. From there I served as an Associate in a church in Pennsylvania before becoming the Senior Pastor of the Evangelical Friends church in Lisbon, Ohio. After serving in Lisbon for five years, I received the call from Gilead to be their Senior Pastor.”

The newest pastor and his congregation continue to act as a community cornerstone in both Mount Gilead and the remainder of the county.

“There are two big ways Gilead Friends reaches out,” Jones explaines. “First, there is GileadChristian School which provides solid education for students K-12 as well as Daycare and Preschool. Second, they offer an annual basketball youth program for boys and girls ages 5-10 called Hoops for Him. Families can register online at The evaluation days will be Jan. 7 and 14 with games running in March and ending April 8.”

And through his new role as pastor Jones can continue doing what he enjoys.

“I love the study, preparation, and delivering of messages,” he said. “Being able to read the Bible, study it, and gain insight for my own life and then to be able to share that with others is fantastic. I try to tell people, I’m not wanting to preach at you; this is for me as well. Typically the messages I give on Sunday morning are messages that have impacted me as I’ve prepared the week before. And then the idea that you can make life choices, personal application, as a result of the Word you have heard is tremendous.”

Gilead Friends Church is located at 3613 Township Road 115 in Mount Gilead.

By Zach Jones

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Reach Jones at 419-946-3010