Village law enforcement and safety officials, along with the Morrow County Chamber of Commerce, have finalized the route for the annual Mount Gilead Christmas Parade.

During the course of the previous council meeting, several village officials expressed concern over the planned route. The MCCC then presented a different option to amend the previous route that MGPD believed would cause excessive traffic and safety issues in Mount Gilead.

Police Chief Brian Zerman told members of council the parade will begin at Mount Gilead High School, continue down Park Street and into the village before coming to a conclusion at the intersection of Main and High Streets.

Walking parade participants will then disperse at the intersection and participants riding in vehicles or floats will be dismissed at the Morrow County Fairgrounds.

The event begins at 5 p.m. on Dec. 2 with games and other holiday activities before the parade steps off at 7 p.m.

Additionally, council member Kay Hines updated the village legislative body about the ongoing issue with Edison over Mount Gilead Fire Department provided fire coverage.

MGFD has provided fire protection for Edison since the Edison Fire Department closed several years ago. Currently, Edison residents are paying one mill less than other Gilead Township residents for fire protection.

Edison was the only muncipality in the county served by the Mount Gilead Fire Department that has an approved a 1.5 mill levy for fire protection. The rest of Gilead Township, other townships and Mount Gilead Village carry and additional 1 mill. Mount Gilead Fire Chief Greg Young requested last spring that Edison come into compliance with other villages that are provided MGFD services by raising an additional mill.

However, the village did not have a fire levy on the ballot in the Nov. 8 election and will therefore need to supplement the additional mill through other means.

Hines stated village officials assured her that Edison will cover the cost needed to continue fire protection.

Village Christmas Parade route finalized

By Zach Jones

[email protected]

Passed- Ordinance 1754 (Emergency)

That to provide for the expenses of the Village of Mount Gilead anticipated to be incurred prior to the expiration of the current fiscal year, the sums below be and the same are set aside and appropriations are in addition to and cumulative with all previous appropriations.

Fire Fund

$12,350 Schools-Training

$28,613 Vehicle grant

$3,000 Grant writing reimbursement

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