Approval was given for the purchase at a cost of $41,905 of a Ford F550 Truck chassis by the Cardington Fire Department when Cardington Village council met last.

Fire Chief Gary Goodman, said the truck will be fitted with a special built bed.

Goodman noted the department has made 57 runs thus far this year.

Police Chief James Wallace said the 2017 cruiser has been ordered.

He has spoken with Lt Utley of the Marion County Sheriff’s office to set a time for the department to obtain certified lasers.

He noted the department is conducting its annual re-qualifications in both handgun and

rifles this month.

A rifle class will be conducted for the officers who are not certified. The department had helped with traffic control for the

Halloween parade and distributed candy while patrolling the village.

Village Administrator Danny Wood said work has been completed on the Maxwell Park storm drain and entrance. Other activity included cleaning the Number 3 Aeration tank at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and repairing a water leak on South Fourth Street. Leaf pick up continues and this year’s supply of road salt has been received.

Approval was given by resolution authorizing the written return to the Morrow County auditor (pursuant to village ordinance) regarding the removal of noxious weeds. The weeds were removed from these properties at a cost of $512 by the village. Per this resolution, the costs were placed as a lien on the properties.

First reading was given a resolution, reflecting the village administrator’s recommendation and approved by the mayor of the renewal of OHM Advisor’s contract to perform the services of zoning inspector for the village. It was noted this position is helpful with the writing of grants.

A first reading was also given the ordinance approving the edition and inclusion of certain ordinances as parts of the various components of the codified ordinances of Cardington. Solicitor Jim Dietz explained this ordinance merely adds items approved by the state that should be included in the village’s codified statutes.

It is written by the Walter Drane Company and is needed to keep the village in compliance.

First readings were given two ordinances related to the budget -one an appropriations budget in tentative form and the other is a budget in tentative form for 2017. The latter is the Resource (revenue) only budget.

Bills totaling $210,414.36 were approved for payment. Fry pointed out the larger than usual payment included $14,000 to Delaware Auto Truck Center for a bucket truck and $150,547.80 to Shelly and Sands for the street paving project.

Following discussion, council asked village property owners to check with the municipal office if they are considering making any changes or improvements to their properties. A permit is required if they are physical changes such as enlarging, adding a building, etc. Information can also be found on the village’s web site.

Council will meet next on November 21.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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