Garden Club readied for fall plant and bulb sale


The Wayside Garden Club’s members began their Aug. 18 meeting with the evening’s program, “Water Color Art” conducted by member Charlotte Benedict.

Everyone, using water color pencils, painted a stamped floral picture provided by Benedict. After brief instructions, the group painted their picture which will be used as cover art for the program booklet for the upcoming year.

After reading last meeting’s minutes and the treasurer’s statements, various committees reported.

Marcia Lawyer and Charlotte Benedict reported that the program committee met on Aug. 5 to plan the 2016-2017 program booklet.

Charlotte noted that she still had need for January’s program. Sandra Lanum agreed to present the program. Charlotte also asked for volunteers for hostesses, and the library arrangement.

Marcia Lawyer, Sue Quigley and Doris McManis met on Aug. 19 to groom the Morrow County Fair floral hall garden.

McManis informed the group that she had made arrangements for this year’s Christmas dinner. The event will be held on Dec. 10 from 4-7 p.m. at the Edison Depot.

Next month’s meeting will be the annual ‘Fall Plant and Bulb Sale’, held at the Morrow County Hospice; club dues to be paid as well as the registration fee for the OAGC Fall Conference.

After the meeting adjournment, refreshments were provided by Charlotte Benedict and Sue Quigley.


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