In the first year for soccer as a high school varsity sport at Highland, boys’ coach John Sachleben and girls’ coach Matt Mosher will be taking the helms of their programs.

Sachleben noted that with it being a new team, there isn’t a great deal to say yet, adding the main team goal is to get better each contest and have some fun doing it.

“The squad is led by seniors Andrew Ruckman and Vinnie Wiley, with a host of underclassmen,” he said.

When it came to competing against the more experienced squads found in the Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference, the coach had a quick answer when asked what teams were on his radar.

“Everybody we play the day we play them,” he said.

Mosher had much the same opinion with his first-year squad consisting of Alex Ward, Alexis Shaw, Avery Zerby, Brittany Ware, Brooke Ratliff, Elizabeth Hollar, Emily E. White, Emily S. White, Gracie Hinkle, Kayla Miller, Kelsey Anderson, Kenzie Fuller, Madison Bolton, Madison Ward, Madison Zamer, Meg Mitchell, Molly Delany, Olivia Sheets, Regan Smith and Riley Kemmer.

“Our goal is to work hard to establish a tradition of excellence,” he said. “This is a great group of girls and a good group of freshmen and upperclassmen who will do some great things this season. This group is going to be important in setting the tone that will carry us in the years to come.”

Highland’s boys’ soccer team is pictured above.’s boys’ soccer team is pictured above. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel

In the above photo is Highland’s girls’ soccer team. the above photo is Highland’s girls’ soccer team. Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel


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