It may not seem like much, this little gold tone pin. But for Delaney Fisher it means the world. Delaney is just 17 and she had earned her first gallon pin from the Red Cross.

“My grandma has a 10 gallon pin. I’m going for the gold to get that pin.” Delaney started her giving as a student at Highland High School, a local Red Cross partner. Since that time she has not missed a date where she can share her blood, which is every 56 days. “It’s great knowing that you are helping people who actually need it. I don’t need it all. It grows back.”

The Red Cross has been in, “Urgent” status for what seems like a long time. Over the summer months donations fall due to a host of reasons, including the reality of summer travel, ironically the same reason more blood is needed-an increase in travel means an increase in auto accidents and a greater call for blood.

Currently, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, there have been 642 fatal crashes on Ohio road ways in 2016, a slight decline from 673 in 2015, but the year is not over quite yet and it is always the season to give.

Red Cross Account Manager Becky Glass states that, “the need for blood is constant. Here in central Ohio, we have to hold about 25 blood drives every day just to meet the needs of our patients. We rely solely on our donors and our partnerships in the community to meet those needs.”

The blood drive at Marengo United Methodist Church, where Delaney received her first pin, collected 27 units on that auspicious day-meaning that 81 lives could be saved by the generosity of our community. Delaney Fisher plans to continue her giving every chance she can, so that her family’s noble legacy may live on through the lives of others. For more donation opportunities contact Becky Glass at [email protected] or call 614-745-6800

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