The Mount Gilead summer swim team participated in three more meets since the last Sentinel came out. The team traveled to Tiffin to face the newest member of the TriCounty Aquatic League.

“Tiffin’s team was fairly small, so MG did win the meet. They had some fast swimmers, though, which made for some exciting races, ” according to coach Dina Snow.

The following relays swimmers all earned first place finishes: the boys 9-10 medley relay (Nathan Rabun, Luke Frazier, Brice Haughn and Carson Mowery); the 11-12 girls medley relay (Skye Shipman, Madison Hack, Grace Mowery and Keana Littell); the boys 11-12 medley relay (Mason Kidwell, Wesley Bush, Joel Conrad and Bradley West); the 13-14 girls medley and free relay (Kylie Irwin, Cassandra Snopik, Adriana Tinch and Rachel Davis); the 15-18 girls medley and free relay (Cassidy Hack, Shelby West, Erin Zmuda and Emily Knight); the 15-18 boys medley and free relay (Logan Conrad, Evan Zmuda, Casey Conrad and Daniel Freeman); the 11-12 girls free relay (Grace Mowery, Madison Hack, Keana Littell and Kyndra Irwin); the boys 11-12 free relay (Michael Snopik, Mason Kidwell, Bradley West and William West).

Coming in with second place relay points were the 11-12 girls B medley relay (Michaela McGill, Kyndra Irwin, Taylor Robinson and Kaylee Gibson); the 13-14 boys medley relay (Michael Snopik, Tyler Knight, Eric Mowery and Sammy West); the 11-12 girls B free relay (Taylor Robinson, Skye Shipman, Michaela McGill and Kaylee Gibson); and the 13-14 boys free relay (Eric Mowery, Tyler Knight, Sammie West and Joel Conrad).

First place individual finishes were earned by Evan Zmuda in the 200 IM, 200 free and 100 Breast; Cassandra Snopik in the 100 IM and 50 Breast; Ryan Brinkman, 25 free, 50 free and 25 back; Adriana Tinch, 50 free and 50 fly; Michael Snopik, 50 free and 50 back; Kylie Irwin, 50 free and 50 back; Cassidy Hack, 100 free; Brice Haughn, 25 fly; Joel Conrad, 50 fly, 50 breast; Eric Mowery, 50 fly; Erin Zmuda, 100 fly, 50 free and 100 breast; Casey Conrad, 100 fly; Jacqueline Gibson, 25 back; Nathan Rabun, 25 back; Taylor Robinson, 50 back; Xander Koller, 100 back; Luke Frazier, 25 breast; Tyler Knight, 50 breast and Carson Mowery, 50 free;

Earning second place honors were Hawke Littell, 25 free and 25 fly, Kaydence McKenzie, 25 free and 25 back; Brice Haughn, 25 free and 25 breast; Grace Mowery, 50 free and 50 breast; Joel Conrad, 50 free; Eric Mowery, 50 free and 100 free; Logan Conrad, 50 free, 100 free, 100 breast; Madison Hack, 50 fly; Sammie West, 50 fly; Kyndra Irwin, 100 free; Gabby Brinkman, 25 back; Keana Littell, 50 back; Mason Kidwell, 50 back; Cassidy Hack, 100 back; Bradley West, 50 breast; and Shelby West, 100 breast.

Also scoring for the Barracudas were Rachel Davis, 50 free and 50 back; Tyler Knight, 50 free and 100 free; Daniel Freeman, 100 free; Carson Mowery, 25 fly; Michaela McGill, 100 free; Casey Conrad, 200 free; Sammie West, 50 back; Madison Hack, 50 breast; and Emily Knight, 50 free.

The team continued its winning streak with their victory over Bucyrus.

“That meet was a lot closer because they have a crop of girls that are just phenomenal. That group scored a lot of unanswered points in the tougher IM and longer freestyle races. We have a larger boys team, however, and their efforts sealed the deal,” said Snow. “It was a crazy meet, though, because a storm was predicted and the meet was being pushed along so fast that kids were called for their next events while they were still in the water!”

Relays scoring first place were the 9-10 boys medley (Nathan Rabun, Luke Frazier, Brice Haughn and Carson Mowery) and free (Luke Frazier, Hawke Littell, Carson Mowery and Garrett Baldwin); the 11-12 boys medley (Michael Snopik, Wesley Bush, Joel Conrad and Mason Kidwell) and free (Snopik, Conrad, Kidwell and William West); the 15- 18 boys medley (Logan Conrad, Evan Zmuda, Casey Conrad and Gavin Robinson); and free (Zmuda, Conrad, Conrad and Daniel Freeman); and the 15-18 girls free (Erin Zmuda, Cassandra Snopik, Emily Knight and Kylie Irwin).

Coming in second for the relays were the 11-12 girls medley (Skye Shipman, Madison Hack, Grace Mowery and Keana Littell); and free (Shipman, Hack, Taylor Robinson and Michaela McGill); and the 13-14 girls medley (Kylie Irwin, Cassandra Snopik, Adriana Tinch and Rachel Davis) and free (Adriana Tinch, Grace Mowery, Keana Littell and Rachel Davis); and the 9-10 girls free relay (Jacqueline Gibson, Kaydence McKenzie, Morgan Staley and Ryann Brinkman).

In the interest of space, all swimmers that scored first, second or third place individual points will be listed: Madison Hack, Joel Conrad, Sammie West, Erin Zmuda, Evan Zmuda, Ryann Brinkman, Morgan Staley, Hawke Littell, Jacquelynn Gibson, Brice Haughn, Nathan Rabun, Adriana Tinch, Keana Littell, Taylor Robinson, Michael Snopik, Cassandra Snopik, Mason Kidwell, Eritt Mowery, Tyler Knight, Daniel Freeman, Logan Conrad, Garrett Baldwin, Carson Mowery, Gabby Brinkman, Gavin Robinson, Kylie Irwin, Casey Conrad, Xander Koller, Grace Mowery, Wesley Bush, Bradley West, William West and Emily Knight.

Results from the annual Hawaiian Invitational will be printed next week. The team is on the road to Galion this week, followed by Upper Sandusky and then the league championships on July 9.