Through an investment initiative aimed to attract and retain businesses in Morrow County, AEP Ohio has awarded a Local Economic Advancement Program grant to the county development office.

The $3,000 grant will go to fund an economic development website and a Morrow County strategic business marketing initiative.

“These funds will allow the development office to develop a true economic development website and strategic marketing materials that encompass business recruitment, business retention, small business development as well as community development and grant administration. The project will allow the office to professional promote the County’s strengths, and provide information to assist businesses, residents, and prospective investors.” said Shane Farnsworth, Development Director. “We are very excited to work with AEP Ohio, to position Morrow County to compete for opportunities.” “

The power company’s program looks to help fund projects promoting manufacturing job retention and attraction, as well as Morrow County commerce investment.

“We are pleased to be able to provide financial support to grow economic development projects that help to bring jobs and prosperity to local communities,” said Tom Froehle, AEP vice president, external affairs.

The Morrow County Development Office provides comprehensive and strategic programs to help local citizens and businesses.

With some of the most creative programs in community development, economic development and housing the department has responded to innovate Morrow County.

The Department of Development’s professional staff work with local elected officials, business leaders, small business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits, arts and cultural organizations and universities to provide technical assistance and educational opportunities that will ensure a vibrant economic future for the county.

Courtesy photo Morrow County Economic Development Office is the recipient of a $3,000 grant from AEP of Ohio. photo Morrow County Economic Development Office is the recipient of a $3,000 grant from AEP of Ohio.

By Zach Jones

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