The Cardinal Center held its first event May 27-29 when the Morrow County facility hosted Karen’s Cup.

Over six competitions, there were a total of 801 entrants, an increase of 37 over the first time this event was held in 2015. Following are the Karen’s Cup champions in those events.

Event #1: Friday Preliminary Singles

Class AA, Britt Havenar, 99; Class A, Richard Zombek, 99; Class B, Ron Waldock, 98; Class C, Alan Beckett, 97; Class D, Philip Roser, 95; Sub Junior, Walter Jewell, 86; Junior, Seth Simonson, 96; Junior Gold, Matthew Thomas, 98; Sub Veteran, Dale Bertuzzi Jr., 100; Veteran, Andy Kalejs, 99; Senior Veteran, Richard Partin, 97; Lady1, Michele Heimann, 91; Lady2, Deborah Extine, 92.

Event #2: Friday Preliminary Handicap

Champion, Robert Komminsk, 96; Runner-up, Josh Brown, Lawrenceburg, 95; Third place, Philip Burton, 94; Fourth place, Bruce Wagner, 94; Fifth place, Dennis Bogner, 94; Sub Junior, Walter Jewell, 87; Junior, Seth Simonson, 95; Sub Veteran, Alan Beal, 95; Veteran, Dan Lukanec, 95; Senior Veteran, William Monroe, 95; Lady1, Michele Heimann, 87; Lady2, Deborah Extine, 86.

Event #3: Friday Preliminary Doubles

Class A, Dennis Bogner, 186; Class B, Aaron Schwartz, 182; Class C, Steve Hays, 176; Class D, Roy Edmister, 174; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 176; Sub Veteran, Ed Harruff, 187; Veteran, Paul Marthey, 182; Senior Veteran, Richard Partin, 186; Lady1, Rachel Kelly, 118.

Event #4: Singles Championship

Champion, Aaron Schwartz, 200; Class AA, Steven Sprout, 198; Class A, Richard Zombek, 199; Class B, Clark Hamons, 196; Class C, Thomas Lynch, 193; Class D, Jeff Aiken, 189; Sub Junior, Walter Jewell, 192; Junior, Rodd Spradlin, 199; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 199; Sub Veteran, Kenneth Rosenbluh, 199; Veteran, Craig Blank, 198; Senior Veteran, George Ritzenthaler, 198; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 195; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 196.

Event #5: Doubles Championship

Champion, Steve Stedman, 99; Class AA, John Thomas, 97; Class A, Richard Zombek, 95; Class B, J.M. Perrill, 95; Class C, Steve Snyder, 94; Class D, William Ford, 84; Sub Junior, Walter Jewell, 89; Junior, Austin Jacob, 97; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 95; Sub Veteran, Ronald Arter, 96; Veteran, Curtis Paul, 94; Senior Veteran, John McCormick, 94; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 90; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 91.

Event #6: Handicap Championship

Champion, Scott Smith, 99; Runner-up, Craig Denlinger, 97; Third place, Michael Blair, 96; Fourth place, Curtis Paul, 96; Fifth place, Randy Wilhelm, 95; Sub Junior, Jacob Butdorf, 91; Junior, Rodd Spradlin, 94; Junior Gold, Elizabeth Ternes, 93; Sub Veteran, Ronald Arter, 95; Veteran, Jack Rodgers, 97; Senior Veteran, John McCormick, 94; Lady1, Elaina McCarthy, 92; Lady2, Peggy Wise, 94.