Recently approved real estate transactions in Morrow County.

March 29

Jeffrey Owens to Johnathan Compton; C09-002-00-008-00, C09-002-00-009-00, Cardington Twp. for $109,000.

Ilo McPeek to Janet Helman; 104 State St, Edison, Gilead Twp. for exempt.

Donald Morris to Carl Varney; Lot 489, Hidden Lakes, Franklin Twp. for $1,000.

April 1

Zachary Myers to Jeffrey Taylor; 19.400 on S.R. 314, South Bloomfield Twp. for $314,900.

Ronald Elliott to Michael Hinkle; 1.507 acres on S.R. 229, Perry Twp. for $217,500.

Kenneth Morton to Penny Tilly; 0.287 acres on B06-001-00-293-04, Canaan Twp. for $5,000.

April 4

Larry Staup to David Byler; 120 acres at E13-001-00-215-00, Congress Twp. for $396,000.

Candlewood Lake Assn, Inc. to Shawn Chafin; Unit 4, Lot 75, Candlewood Lake, Congress Twp. for $3,900.

Jean McClintock to Randy Wright; 80 acres at L32-001-00-036-00, Perry Twp. for $560,000.

Mark Spires to Lyle Reppart; C09-022-00-027-00, C09-022-00-040-00, Cardington Twp. for $78,000.

Charles Cook to Terry Knapp; 4.077 on S.R. 314, Franklin Twp. for exempt.

April 6

Scott Guy to Connie Scarbrough; 6.5 acres on S.R. 95, Franklin Twp. for $211,000.

Lewis Sarr to Teresa Shively; G20-027-00-111-00, G20-027-00-112-00, Gilead Twp. for $105,000.

Donald Bowen to RJS Construction; 4.259 acres on T.R. 145 for $42,400.

Donald Bowen to RJS Construction; 4.259 acres on T.R. 145, for $67,600.

April 8

Steven Mayes to Mark Dunlap; 2.644 acres on C.R. 146 and T.R. 158, Westfield Twp. for $32,000.

Jason Grant to Kim Alward; 4.909 acres at 2258 C.R. 24, Cardington, Lincoln Twp. for $165,000.

April 11

Richard Marquardt to Marc Kamer; Unit 7, Lot 164, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $259,000.

Michael McDaniel to Joseph Catanese; 1.240 acres on C.R. 15 and C.R.26, Bennington Twp. for $246,000.

Troy Ransom to Timothy Fryman; 11.0177 acres on C.R. 26, Bennington Twp. for $80,000.

Lori Ramson to Timothy Fryman; 0.182 acres on C.R. 26, Bennington Twp. for $80,000.

Brian Mosher to James Baltozer; 13.05 acres on S.R. 229, Bennington Twp. for $289,900.

Ohio Morrow Properties to Robert Wenell; 7326 S.R. 19, 4 Unit 7, Candlewood, Congress Twp. For $395,000.

April 12

Kimberly Baker Trustee to Todd Nail; Lot 898, Village of Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $127,000.

Jonathan Hankins to Joshua Timmons; 5.115 acres at N36-001-00-146-09, South Bloomfield Twp. for $234,000.

Lakewood Farms to Amanda Armstrong; 19.170 acres on T.R. 213, Bennington Twp. for $126,000.

Guy Foust Trustee to Douglas Germann; 50 acres at 1589 T.R. 25, Cardington, Westfield Twp. for $331,250.

Aimee Hill to Ryan Wilson; C09-036-00-005-00, Cardington Twp. for exempt.

April 13

Rebecca Crossman to William Carmickle; 6.536 acres on C.R. 170, Harmony Twp. for $32,000.

Mary Bishop to Sydney Bartlett; 1.251 acres on C.R. 31 and S.R. 61, congress Twp. for $150,800.

Federal Home Loan Mtge. Ass. To Mary Kincade; 2.17 acres on C.R. 31 and S.R. 61, Washington Twp. for exempt.

Joseph Porter to Bryant Rogers; 2.1139 acres on C.R. 170 for $110,000.

Right Way Properties to Regina Christopher; 7.005 acres on C.R. 26 and T.R. 232, harmony Twp. for $97,500.

Bruner Land Co Inc. to Benjamin Perry; 5.502 acres on T.R. 211, Bennington Twp. for $45,500.

April 14

Wells Fargo Bank to Jessica Pauley; 1.0984 acres on S.R. 656, Bennington Twp. for $25,400.

April 15

Mervin Mast to Wayde Looker; 10.714 acres on T.R. 14, Franklin Twp. for $30,000.

April 18

Scott Carr to Scott Colgan; 1.38 acres on County Line Rd, North Bloomfield Twp. for $116,000.

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