John Hinton, slated to become the next sheriff of Morrow County, discussed his career in law enforcement including his time as Cardington Police Chief, a position he has held since January 28, 2013.

Winner of the primary election in March, Hinton has no opposition in the November general election. His resignation as police chief was effective April 17.

A 1997 Northmor High School graduate, Hinton is quick to praise the Cardington community.

“It’s been a lot of fun here- a great group of guys to work with and the Friends of Cardington – they put on so many things and they invite us to be a part of that. I was never raised in a town – but on a farm – I never knew what went on in a town. The people here are wonderful, and the mayor is a great lady.”

Hinton shared that his parents first lived in Cardington when they came here during the oil boom in the 1960’s. He is the youngest of three brothers and a sister. His parents have lived in the Northmor School District for many years, he said.

He still promises, as he did when he became Cardington Police Chief, an open door policy.

“In my opinion this department has made Cardington the safest community in Morrow County with the statistics to prove it” Hinton furtherd. “From January, 2013, to now, calls for service have dropped 59 percent in all areas.”

Responding to complaints that officers were monitoring traffic from vehicles parked in drives or otherwise without their lights on, he told them they must have parking lights on and they have complied.

He came in with a three and five year plan. Most of the five year plan was accomplished. One of those five year points was to hire a detective to work with the drug task force, accomplished in two years, and the last two people hired by the sheriff’s office came from the Cardington Police Department.

“That speaks for itself,” he said. “You always want to leave things better than you found them and I think I have done that here.”

Hinton has been with law enforcement for 18 years. Prior to his time with the Cardington Police Department he worked with the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office for 13 years, with the state of Alaska as a trooper and the Department of the Army as a police officer. He also served as a corrections officer, patrol sergeant, canine handler and a detective.

He coached high school wrestling for 12 seasons at Cardington, Northmor and Centerburg Schools and for the past eight years has officiated at football games around the state.

Hinton and his wife, Kelly, and their five month old daughter, Lilly, live on a small rural property where they also tend to 25 bee hives.

“I will continue to patronize this community, said Hinton. “ It’s been great here.”

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel

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