Edison considers tax compliance results


Edison Fiscal Officer, Bruce Seaburn reported that the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) has returned the results of letters sent to tax payers who are delinquent in payments.

So far most of those who are delinquent have moved or letters are marked ‘undeliverable.’

The Council agreed that they can continue sending out the letters as long as it’s done without an extra charge to the village. Unfortunately, the letters have not brought in much in collections.

Council member, Patti Feustal said the safety committee is still researching how they can come into compliance with Mount Gilead on fire coverage. There seems to be no question that they need to increase the tax millage by one mil in order to be on an equal basis with the rest of Gilead Township.

It was agreed that the mayor and a couple council members will speak with Gilead Township Trustees about the matter of fire protection to see what is involved to be part of the current fire contract.

In other business, Edison Street Commissioner Jerry Reeder said that the tile the street crew put in last fall seems to be doing its job. There is usually standing water in the yards behind the body shop, but even with the big rains last weekend, there has been no flooding. The tiles were laid parallel to Boundary Street from Vine to Shortline Streets. They cleaned out the plugged, clay tile and replaced it with plastic pipeline last fall.

Reeder said the Bureau of Public Affairs (BPA) received the new generator that was purchased for $24,000 for the sewer system. It is being installed.

Council approved payment of bills for March in the amount of $8,170.48 and for April of $6,068.39. The May Edison Council meeting will be Monday, May 9 at 7 p.m. in the village Municipal Building at 103 N. Boundary Street.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel

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