Mount Gilead High School recently announced the Ohio Board of Education’s performance evaluation for the school, at the March 22 MG School Board meeting.

The state report measures overall student performance during the 2014-2015 school year.

The high school’s marks, in-large, buck the trends set by the remainder of the school district.

MGHS received a “B” rating in both index performance and indicators met on state standardized tests, which beats the “C” and “D” grades for the entire district in the respective state standardized testing categories.

According to the OBE report, the performance index grade “answers the question – How many students passed the state test?” The indicators met grade “answers the question – How well did students do on the state test?”

Additionally, the high school received an “A” rating in both graduation rate categories, boasting that 93.8 percent of ninth grade students graduate in four years, while 98 percent of ninth grade students graduate in five years.

Contrarily, the district received an “F” grade in the state’s four progress categories, which measure forth through eighth grade students’ performance during a given school year.

According to the OBE report card, the progress categories measure “the district’s average progress for its students in math and reading, grades 4-8. It looks at how much each student learns in a year.”

The report can be found in its entirety at

Mount Gilead High School students also made their mark on a musical level as both the band and show choirs were given high scores at the District Large Group Contests in Centerburg this month.

The show choir received an excellent rating at the competition, and the band’s performance earned them a superior rating.

“Kudos to all of our musical groups,” Mount Gilead High School principal Debra Clauss said at the March 22 Board of Education meeting. “They were all outstanding.”

The band’s superior classification bolstered them to the state band competition on April 30 located at Glen Oak High School.

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