Ohio is reporting 3,137,109 ballots cast with 41.48% turnout from Tuesday’s primary election, which is reportedly the second highest turnout in a primary election.

The record was set in the 2008 Presidential Primary with 3,603,523 ballots cast with 46.04% turnout.

County boards of elections reported that there are 41,908 outstanding absentee ballots. As a reminder, boards will continue to receive (by mail) all eligible absentee ballots postmarked March 14 or earlier until the 10th day after Election Day, which is March 25. These ballots will be counted at the official canvass.

Additionally, county boards reported that 68,225 provisional ballots were cast, significantly fewer than the 123,432 cast in the 2008 Presidential Primary. Boards of elections can begin sorting provisional ballots, but they cannot open or count these ballots until the 11th day after Election Day, which is March 26. Voters who cast a provisional ballot because they were not able to provide proper ID at the polls may return to their county board of elections within seven days of Election Day to provide an accepted form of ID to have their ballot counted.

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