What are the major issues facing your county, and what would you do about them if elected?

Morrow County has a tradition as a wonderful rural community. Funding for county government services is a challenge. I would like to continue to see that our money is used wisely and efficiently. We need growth in residences and businesses to increase funds available to provide county services we need and want. I would like to see a balance between the growth we need and continuation of the rural lifestyle we know and love. We have a strong agricultural industry in the county. I would like to encourage growth in this industry of agribusiness.

Why are you the best-qualified candidate for the position you are seeking?

Having looked at the Ohio Revised Code to find out what the county commissioners’ duties and responsibilities are, I found they are many and varied. However, many of these involve providing and maintaining facilities, buildings, roads, airports, etc. These are areas within the realm of civil engineering and my experiences throughout my career. All of my experiences in the military, construction industry, and schools have involved working together to get the mission accomplished. All of the current commissioners and the candidates come from business backgrounds. I believe as an engineer I can offer a new and varied perspective on some issues to be dealt with.

What else would you like to say to voters in your county?

I find that while it is not a duty by law, the county commissioners are the ambassadors for the county. They stand in the place of the people when meeting official visitors and businesses whether here in the county, in Columbus, or the rest of Ohio. I would like to be their ambassador. My wife’s family has been here since the 1830’s. My wife and I live here, and she has a veterinary practice here. Our daughter and her husband live here. We want to see Morrow County thrive and continue to be the place we love to live.

Staff report