The Mount Gilead Police Department will be down an officer by the end of the month, as the department is losing Officer Brett Rinker to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Mount Gilead Police Chief Brian Zerman made the announcement at the Feb. 15 Council meeting.

Rinker has resigned his post with the department in order to work closer to his home in Marion County said Zerman. The officer will remain on staff until the end of the week.

Mount Gilead Police will begin their search for a new candidate to take Rinker’s place following his departure.

Additionally, the Mount Gilead Fire Department is one step closer to outfitting their vehicular fleet with a new fire engine, after council members approved a resolution that will allow the department to purchase a vehicle from a fire station in Connecticut.

Fire Chief Greg Young paid a visit to the east coast station to inspect the vehicle before purchase. Should he approve of the fire truck’s condition, the deal will be finalized, and the truck will be transported from Connecticut.

“In my understanding their intent is to purchase this engine (if it is consistent with how it is listed),” Councilperson Kay Hines said.

The engine reportedly costs $159,000, and council members approved legislation that will allocate $20,000 from the village’s general fund to cover any additional cost.

The department will cover $150,000 of the initial purchase price. The additional $20,000 for purchase that council approved will go to cover any incidental costs such as transport.

Mount Gilead Mayor Mike Porter estimated there would be $11,000 to $12,000 in incidental costs and that any overage would be returned to the village general fund.

The fire truck could arrive as early as this spring.

Zach Jones | The Sentinel Mount Gilead Councilman Tim Clapper speaks at the Feb. 15 council meeting. Jones | The Sentinel Mount Gilead Councilman Tim Clapper speaks at the Feb. 15 council meeting.
Rinker announces resignation

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