Chuck Jones was renamed president when the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education met on Jan. 11.

During the organizational meeting, Jon Mason was appointed treasurer pro-tem and Troy Ruehrmund was named vice president.

Among the authorizations approved was the designation of the FC Bank of Cardington as the official depository for all school funds. The Morrow County Sentinel was designated as the official publisher of all Board of Education required legal notices. Board liaison appointments included Marilyn Davis, legislative/board policy; Vicki Kerman, business and finance; Troy Ruehrmund, Booster/Parent Organization; Chuck Jones, Representative to Cardington-Lincoln Athletic Board and Pat Clark, Community Outreach.

Adjourning the organizational meeting, the board entered its regular meeting. Superintendent Brian Petrie said he is looking for input on the 2016-2017 calendar with this input to be presented at the February board meeting when the calendar will be finalized.

Included was the establishment of fund accounts with appropriations for the FY 16 High Schools That Work grant and the Agricultural Education 5th quarter grant. Included also was the approval to authorize the treasurer to submit the tax budget to the county auditor.

Petrie discussed briefly the proposed changes for the 2016-2017 school year; preliminary 2015 report card results and the legislative update.

Approved by the board was the digital teaching stipend for seven teachers. Referring to the board first policy reads, Petrie offered brief views on two of them, recording of district meetings involving students and/or parents and family medical leave Act- FMLA.

Under the consent agenda, the board approved supplemental contracts for Jennifer Price, senior class advisor; Beau Wolford, lunch monitor and John Brehm, pep band. Future agenda items include the establishment amount of the Margaret

Miller Memorial scholarship; the 2016-2017 calendar and membership in the Ohio School Boards Association for 2016 at $4,123.00. Petrie welcomed Troy Ruehrmund, newly elected board member.

He was also given individual welcomes by board president Jones, and board members Davis, Kerman, and Clark. Ruehrmund thanked them and said he’s been very welcome during the past two months as he attended meetings and noted he is a third generation graduate of Cardington.

At the conclusion of the 37 minute regular meeting the board entered a 19 minute executive session based on ORC 121.212(G) consideration of a public employee or official. There was no further business transacted at the conclusion of the executive session. The board will meet next on Feb. 8.

By Evelyn Long

For The Sentinel

Long is a correspondent for The Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]