Edison Council member Ruth Davis was the first to thank Edison citizens for passing the two renewal levies for streets, sewer and operations on the ballot this fall. Mayor Sandy Ackerman and all the rest of the council members added their thanks to voters.

Street Commissioner Jerry Reeder reported that he main job for the street crew this fall has been picking up leaves. He also said his crew has done a good job keeping the park area clean.

Reeder requested a Purchase Order (P.O.) for a new lawn mower for up to $1,500. He will try to get one for $1,000 to $1,200, but for the wider mower he needs, he may need the larger amount. He said winter months are the best time to get a better buy on mowers. Council approved the P.O.

Reeder said that there should be enough salt and grit on hand now to get through the winter this year. He added that it has been a good year for utilities. The investment that council approved last year to fix the sewage leakage has paid off in keeping down maintenance expense.

Patti Feustal asked if there will be a fee increase (for water/sewer.) Reeder said that operations are going well with present fees and he doesn’t anticipate an increase in fees. He said there may be a need next year to get a replacement pump.

Reeder said they will need to change the road signs on St. Rt. 95 and some streets since the school is no longer in use. Mayor Ackerman said there is also a need to update zoning regulations.

Feustal reported that the drive thru at the Quick Stop store is on hold due to state regulations and qualifications the owners must meet.

Feustal asked Village Attorney, Denise Martin if she had heard any more from the railroad. Martin had not had any more communications from them. She added that it may not be cost effective to have the village put money into Railroad Street since the CSX Company said they won’t grant an easement without having many stipulations and conditions on any easement or road repairs.

Council passed Ordinance 2015-05 amending the amount of appropriations for streets and sidewalks. They voted to pay bills for October in the amount of $7,581.08 and November to date of $865.54.

Open House plans were finalized for Sunday Nov. 15 from 2-4 p.m. at the municipal building.

Alberta Stojkovic is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected].


By Alberta Stojkovic

for the Morrow County Sentinel