Morrow County Court News


Cardington Mayor’s Court

The following cases were determined in the October 19 session of Cardington Mayor’s Court”

1. Joanna M. Phillips, Cardington, speed, 35 mph in municipality, guilty, paid waiver

2. Kelly L. Frost, Cardington, assured clear distance, guilty, assessed fines and costs

3. Damian Greenawalt, Cardington, assured clear distance, guilty, paid waiver

4. Tanner J. Depolo, Cardington, petty theft, guilty, assessed fines and costs

Marriage License

Jacob Allen Hargenrader, 39, Cardington, Mechanic to Jennifer Autum Reid, 40, Cardington, Medical Assistant.

Daniel Austin Fawley Sharp, 21, Cardington, Electrician to Jennifer Lynn Owens, 21, Cardington, Cashier.

Adam Ray Lakey, 30, Mt. Gilead, Police Officer to Amber Michelle Stewart, 27, Mt. Gilead, Acct. Payable Clerk.

Bernard Thomas Arndt, 29, Mansfield, Tattoo Artist to Amanda Marie Bunker, 30, Lexington, EMS.

Anthony Allen Williams, 30, Mt. Gilead, Factory Worker to Alyssa Jade Stoney, 26, Mt. Gilead, Factory Worker.

Real Estate Transfers


P. & L. Ventures to Jesse Curtis; 122 E. Main St., Fulton, Lincoln Twp. for $77,500.

Wayne Schlabach to Robert Miller; 6.703 Acres on C.R. 80, Perry Twp. for exempt.

James Smith to Marty Carty; 3.465 Acres on C.R. 24, Peru Twp. for $49,900.


Bruner Land Co. to John Messmer; 42.022 Acres at A02-001-00-059-00, Bennington Twp. for $175,000.

Judith Bean to Vicki Wise; 2777 S.R. 529, Cardington, Cardington Twp. for $82,000.

David Weade to Matthew Williams; 3.316 Acres at 955 T.R. 208, Marengo, Bennington Twp. for $169,900.

Roland Geugold to Robert Morgan; 4301 C.R. 61, Mt. Gilead, Washington Twp. for $1,000.

Roland Geugold to Robert Morgan; 4.00 Acres at C.R. 76 and C.R. 61, Washington Twp. for $272,000.

Christopher Maudlin to Christal Nida; 1.04 Acres on S.R. 42, Congress Twp. for$155,000.


Sonya Shaw to Matthew Ufferman; 1.892 Acres at 6971 C.R. 121, Mt. Gilead, Franklin Twp. for $150,000.

Gary Fisher to Arthur Dean; 2.034 Acres on T.R. 20, Harmony Twp.

Probate Court

Affidavit of Service ; Notice of Hearing on Account in the Estate of Edward John Pengov Jr.

Journal Entry; Proof of Service in the Estate of Charles S. Carpenter.

Waiver of Notice of Hearing on Inventory in the Estate of Betty Lou Griffith.

Surviving Spouse, Next of Kin, Legatees and Devisees in the estate of Joseph Colcott.

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