COLUMBUS – Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor is urging Ohio motorists to watch for deer while traveling the state’s roadways during Autumn, the peak time for deer activity. Ohioans should also conduct an auto insurance review with an agent to ensure they have adequate financial protection if they are in an accident with a deer, which can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

A total of 19,705 Ohioans were involved in reported deer-vehicle incidents last year, according to the Ohio Department of Public Safety. There were 789 injuries and four people lost their lives.

“Putting the right insurance protections in place is just as important as being an attentive driver,” said Taylor, also director of the Ohio Department of Insurance. “I urge Ohioans to engage an insurance agent to make sure they have a financial safety net established in the event they strike a deer.”

Insurance coverage and deer: Did you know?

The collision portion of an insurance policy’s physical damage coverage does not include financial protection for deer-vehicle incidents. The other than collision or comprehensive coverage portion pays to repair this type of damage.

For consumers who have a liability-only policy, damage as a result of a deer-vehicle incident is not covered.

Ohioans should be cautious of deer in early morning, after sunset and particularly in areas with deer-crossing signs. The Ohio Department of Public Safety’s website at provides additional safety tips on avoiding deer.

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