Registration is now available for public-sector employees and decision-makers to participate in a LeanOhio BootCamp available through Central Ohio Technical College’s (COTC) Workforce Development Innovation Center (WDIC). LeanOhio BootCamp is a one week standardized, public-sector-focused training designed to help public entities operate faster, better and less costly; to cut red tape and to better meet customer needs.

There are three LeanOhio BootCamp options available this year: November 9-13 is being held at the COTC Knox campus, December 7-11 at the Coshocton campus and December 14-18 will be held at the Pataskala campus. The BootCamp will be held each day from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Note: the Knox campus is closed on 11/11 and the makeup day for BootCamp will be 11/16).

Participants will receive a scholarship voucher to attend the BootCamp, as COTC is the recipient of a training grant sponsored by the Ohio Development Services Agency (DSA) and the Local Government Efficiency Program (LGEP), which was developed to offer local political subdivisions training and support to learn and apply Lean strategies to provide better service and save money. The training will be open to anyone who works in the public sector and is most effective for decision-makers and leaders in the organization.

“LeanOhio BootCamp is designed specifically for public sector employees and focuses on the Lean tools that have been proven to work in government and within political subdivisions,” explains Vicki Maple, director of the WDIC at COTC. “This training is available and applicable to everyone – from frontline and customer service to managers and those in leadership positions.”

For purposes of this program, a “political subdivision” means a municipal corporation, township, county, school district or other body corporate and politic responsible for governmental activities in a geographic area smaller than that of the state, which includes, but is not limited to, the following entities: government agencies, hospitals, emergency services or a community school or school district.

For examples of successful government projects, please visit the LeanOhio website at and click on Results.

To inquire or register for one of the upcoming LeanOhio BootCamps at Central Ohio Technical College, please contact: Vicki Maple, Director, WDIC at 740.364.9565 or email [email protected].

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