Superintendents: Cathy Davis, Sue Beck And Kathy Eichorn

Best Of Class:

Jellies – Charlene Shadel – Grape

Jams, Marmalades, Butters– Sheryl Bailey – Peach Jam

Preserves – Lisa Baer – Raspberry

Canned Fruit – Sheryl Bailey – Pears

Canned Vegetables – Robin Laroche – Potatoes

Canned Meat– Regina Dunham – Beef

Pickles, Relish, Sauce, Misc– Kathy Eichorn – Sweet Relish

Maple Products – Eddie Lou Meimer- Candy

Gourmet Gift In A Jar – Jennifer Morrison

Best Of Show – Robin Laroche – Potatoes

Reserve Best Of Show – Sheryl Bailey- Pears

Candy: Best Of Class And Best Of Show – Worner Way Farms – Fudge

Quick Breads: Best Of Class And Best Of Show – Vickie Mckinney – Coffee Cake

Yeast Breads: Best Of Class – Vickie Mckinney – Raisin Bread

Cookies: Best Of Class And Best Of Show – Renee Holtsberry – Bar

Decorated Cakes: Best Of Class- Melody Franklin

Honey Products: Best Of Class And Best Of Show – Tim Butcher – Wax

Reserve Best Of Show: Charlene Shadel – Light Amber Honey

By Evelyn Long

for the Morrow County Sentinel