The Board of Directors of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Ohio recently voted to oppose Issue 3, which would allow f0r the legalization of marijuana.

“AGC of Ohio and its members have been strong supporters of job site safety and drug free workplaces, ” says Rob Setterlin of Setterlin Building Co., who is serving as the elected president of the association.

“On a construction job site. workers are dependent on each other and their ability to work safely and unimpaired. They work elbow-to-elbow with sharp tools and operate heavy equipment—all while adapting to a continuously changing work environment,” explained Setterlin. “Contractors invest heavily to protect their workforce and ensure safe on the job. If approved, Issue 3 would undermine those efforts. It could result in increased injuries and accidents on the job, create potential substance abuse issues, negatively impact employee productivity, and increase employer liability.”

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