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The Northmor girls’ cross country team took home the championship from Watkins Memorial on Saturday, finishing first of 13 teams in the Division III race.

Kristen Duryea finished third overall in 20:26.04, while Isabelle Ditullio ran fifth in 20:50.67. Samantha Peters was 14th in 22:06.74, Brooke Bennett ran 22nd in 22:45.31 and Reanne McDonald placed 23rd in 22:46.01. Sydney Jennette took 29th in 23:22.63 and Selena Cortez was 35th in 23:37.5.

Also, Rachel Morrison took 41st, Samantha Grogg was 82nd, Allyssa Pearce ran 87th, Danielle Bettis was 102nd, Sarah Drumm took 103rd, Kate Stiver was 110th, Naomi Heilman placed 116th, Sarah Dudley finished 123rd and Monique Metzger placed 132nd.

Mount Gilead placed second in the meet, as Jenna Shipman was fourth in 20:40 and Hannah Bush took eighth in 21:10. Darcy Picker followed in 12th place with a time of 21:43, while Kelsey Snyder ran 18th in 22:29. Also, Micah James was 38th in 23:47, Jadyn Shipman ran 49th in 24:27 and Kelly Baer was 143rd in 36:28.

Gilead Christian’s Lindsey Millinger ran 70th in 25:35.61 to represent her school in the race.

In the boys’ Division III race, Mount Gilead placed third in an 18-squad race. Austin Hallabrin ran second overall in 16:44, while Kyle Ciballi took ninth in 17:46 and Casey White was 10th in 17:47. Nick Weiss placed 22nd in 18:19 and Trevor Ball finished 43rd in 19:13. Gavin Robinson was 63rd in 19:39 and Kyle White placed 66th in 19:43.

Also, Logan Conrad was 89th, Sy Shipman finished 99th, Matt Robinson took 101st, Colton Clark ran 115th, Isacc George was 121st, Tyler Clark finished 130th, Nathan Johnson took 172nd, Josh Conaway was 192nd and Xavier Nells placed 198th.

The Knights finished fifth in the race, as A.J. White was 14th in 18:01.69 and Spencer Adams took 15th in 18:03.12. James Walker ran 28th in 18:36.29, Alec Moore was 52nd and Colin Berg took 60th in 19:36.59. Chase Hoover placed 75th in 20:10.56, while Mostyn Evans ran 80th in 20:13.88.

Also, Aaron Berg was 88th, Kaleb Hart took 92nd, B.J. White placed 97th, Ryan Bentley was 117th, Manny Heilman placed 127th, Josh Cramer ran 133rd, Kyle Price was 135th, Ethan Chapman took 153rd, Cole Dille finished 159th, Corey Rinehart took 164th and Chandler Somerlot finished 171st.

For Gilead Christian, Brad Mohre took 35th in 18:59.98, Sean Linder was 59th in 19:35.26 and Justin Jones ran 65th in 19:41.68.

Highland ran in the Division II races, with the boys finishing 16th of 25 teams and the girls’ team placing 18th of 26.

For the boys, Devin Johnson placed sixth in 16:57.49. Collin Kipp took 78th in 19:21.05 and Dalton Lee ran 83rd in 19:29.17. Chandler Bumpus finished 108th in 19:56.69 and Christian Buchholz took 109th in 19:58.26. Tyler Bowen placed 135th in 20:36.5 and Jimmy Tebbe was 142nd in 20:41.38.

Also, Jesse Matos was 176th and Caleb Carder ran 190th. Also running were Jacob Manring, Kahlil Karya and Luke Rinehart.

The girls were paced by Sophia Thompson, who took 27th in 21:14.34. Laura Spearman ran 53rd in 22:22.54, Jena Buchholz was 97th in 23:59.94 and Olivia Longhenry placed 138th in 25:25.95. Morgan Wilhelm finished 144th in 25:38.1, while Jenna Brown took 145th in 25:43.25 and Taylor McClung ran 184th in 27:05.12.

Also, Clarissa Dudgeon was 185th, Morgan Bailey finished 199th, Brianna Dado took 212th, Gracie Hinkle was 218th, Hailey Howard finished 233rd and Madison Chaffee placed 245th.

Cardington Pirates

The Cardington cross country teams ran at Tiffin Carnival on Saturday, with the boys finishing 21st of 44 squads and the girls taking 38th of 45.

The boys were led by Jacob Long, who finished fourth in 16:06.58. Josh Queener took 57th in 17:46.91 and Mike Queener was 123rd in 18:42.26. Derek Goodman ran 133rd in 18:50.96, Gregory Osborne placed 234th in 20:51.45, Spencer Benson took 237th in 20:53.77 and Jakob Edgell finished 270th in 22:21.52.

In the girls’ race, Caitlyn Lee-Rosch finished 136th in 23:30.82, while Sage Brannon was 185th in 24:10.63 and Alicia McElwee took 187th in 24:13.73. Also, Bailey Shafer finished 265th in 26:10.04, Jessica Shook finished 272nd in 26:18.64 and Destiny Williamson ran 318th in 31:15.94.

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Rob Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel Kristen Duryea (r), shown running earlier this year, led the Northmor Lady Knights to a team title at Watkins Memorial Saturday. Hamilton | Morrow County Sentinel Kristen Duryea (r), shown running earlier this year, led the Northmor Lady Knights to a team title at Watkins Memorial Saturday.