MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — First-Knox National Bank announced new features for its personal banking mobile app today. The upgrade introduces instant balance, new alerts and notifications, and other time-saving conveniences.

Approximately 45% of app activity is customers checking their account balance. With the new instant balance feature, those customers can quickly and securely retrieve a balance with two touches – without logging into the app.

The bank already offers account alerts and notifications via text message and email. With the new version of the app, customers can use the app to set up customized alerts, such as low balance, and receive them directly as a pop-up notification on their mobile device.

The latest version of First-Knox’s banking app also includes:

* An extended photo-deposit cut-off time of 7 pm.

* Prompts, within the low-balance alerts, to immediately log into the app and transfer money into the account with fewer touches and less time.

* The app is now available for Android tablets, making the app compatible with Apple and Android phones and tablets.

* Updated design elements.

First-Knox launched its personal banking mobile app in summer 2013, and, now, nearly 55,000 people use the app to help manage their money anytime, anywhere. Bank customers can use the app to transfer money, make payments, photo-deposit checks, find an office or ATM, and much more.

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