* The number of manufacturers of alcohol beverages in Ohio is at an all-time high. There are currently 579 alcohol manufacturing licenses issued by the Ohio Division of Liquor Control (Division), nearly double the number issued just five years ago. These include manufacturers of spirituous liquor, low-proof intoxicating liquor, beer and wine. This industry growth is partially due to Ohio’s business friendly regulatory environment and the popularity of quality craft and artisan products made locally.

Another reason is the improving economic environment in Ohio. Ohioans have created 387,500 new private sector jobs since January, 2011, making Ohio one of the top ten job creating states in the nation. Additionally, Ohio’s unemployment rate has improved from 9.2% to 4.4%. This is the lowest rate since 2001.

The largest number of licensed manufacturers are Ohio wineries at 232. Ohio Craft breweries are second with a current total of 156. The micro distillery industry has also experienced tremendous growth, now at 31. This year, the Division has issued 29 new craft brewery licenses, 21 new winery licenses and four new micro distillery licenses. There are also many pending applications for new licenses in each of these categories.

* If you plan to honor your deceased loved ones this holiday season by decorating their graves, the Ohio Department of Commerce Division of Real Estate & Professional Licensing (REPL) encourages you to become familiar with your cemetery’s decoration policy.

It is popular to place wreaths or grave blankets at gravesites during this time of year. However, some cemeteries may have requirements about the items you place at memorials and the timeframe they may be displayed.

“You can avoid extra holiday stress by knowing the cemetery guidelines,” REPL Superintendent Anne M. Petit said. “It will ensure your loved ones will be appropriately honored by you and your family.”

As outlined in the Ohio Cemetery Dispute Resolution Commission’s minimum maintenance guidelines, the rules for flowers and decorations may be posted at the cemetery or can be found in the cemetery’s rules and regulations which may be requested from the cemetery. REPL works with the Commission to make sure Ohio’s cemeteries are maintained in such a fashion as to create a respectful and attractive resting place for loved ones.


Staff report