At 7:05 pm on August 17, 2015, the Morrow County TEA Party’s July meeting opened with prayer to our Lord and the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and to the United States of America.

A questionnaire titled “What is your Hot Button Issue?” was distributed to the attendees to be completed and returned at the end of the evening. The results were: Illegal Immigration (3); Christian Issues (targeted as subversive, silencing military chaplains, same sex marriage) ( 3); military Size (2) and one each of the following: Congress not stopping this president from tearing our country down; executive orders by President; UN controlling the US; 2nd Amendment attacks; Obamacare; priority of collective thought over the disempowerment of the individual; and Government corruption.

Sylvia Rickett, John Kerr, Molly and Mike Schulze spoke about our Fair Booth plans including objectives and goals. They also encouraged people to sign up to work in the booth.

Howard Whiston gave a presentation on the educational materials he has donated to the group for distribution. Thank you, Howard.

Door Prizes – Molly Schulze won a “Hillary Prison 2016” bumper sticker and Walt Hurd won a set of Constitution trading cards.

Our guest speaker, Wes Goodman running for the Ohio House 87th District, told of his background and why he is seeking this office.

Food items were collected and were distributed to No Limits Outreach Center the next day. Coffee, tea, and cookies were available to all during the meeting and social time.

All activities of the Morrow County TEA Party (a non-partisan organization) are open to the public and all are welcome. The Morrow County TEA Party will be at the Morrow County Fair again this year. Please stop by.

Courtesy Photo Wes Goodman addressed the Morrow County TEA Party at their August meeting. Photo Wes Goodman addressed the Morrow County TEA Party at their August meeting.

By Nelson Hack