Marriage Licenses

Tyler Stewart Yarger, 28, Lexington, Farmer to Christina Ann Ruge, 22, Lexington, Child Care Provider.

Cade F. Randolph, 22, Marengo, Customer Service to Jessica Elaine Perkins, 23, Bellville, Nurse.

Brett Allan Heimlich, 51, Mansfield, Pressman to Barbara Ann Mason, 60, Columbus, Receptionist.

Stephen Scott McCullough, 39, Mt. Gilead, Machinist to Loretta Lynn Meyer, 44, Mt. Gilead, Home Maker.

Chaz Elliot Wyatt, 28, Mt. Gilead, Driver to Amanda Rene Zimmerman, 27, Mt. Gilead, Microbiology Technician.

Vanessa Lane McGlumphy, 37, Mt. Gilead, Disabled to Alyssa Faith Weant, 24, Mt. Gilead, Unemployed.

Cody Allen, 22, Cardington, Factory Worker to Ellen Elisabeth Perry, 21, Cardington, Student.

Real Estate


3750 Farms to Sherry Honeter; 1.705 acres on T.R. 49, North Bloomfield Twp. for $10,000.

Glenn Daugherty to Harold Harr; 5.10 acres at T.R. 76 and T.R. 77, Congress Twp. for $50,000.


Rengert Farms to Susan Bierl; 92.928 acres on C.R. 153, Westfield Twp. for exempt.

Tamara Johnson to Barbara Osborne; G20-019-A0-014-00, G20-019-A0-017-01, Gilead Twp., Village of Mt. Gilead for $93,000.

Cale Bockover to Wayne Glick; 5.10 acres at 6141 T.R. 191, Marengo, Chester Twp. for $83,000.


Edward Robson to Ronald Choina; 32.12 acres on T.R. 167, Lincoln Twp. for $140,000.


Alicia McCoy to Bruner Land Co.; 5.041 acres on S.R. 19, Congress Twp. for Exempt.

CMH Homes to Louis Lombardi; Unit 2, Lot 83, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $6,525.

Scott Wilfong to Robert Morrison; 7.65 acres at E13-001-00-028-00, Congress Twp. for $230,000.

Darrick Faucett to John Fox; lot 143, Hidden Lakes, Franklin Twp. for $1,000.


Union Bank to Jessica Deyarmond; 0.482 acres at 2075-2079 T.R. 244, Edison, Canaan Twp. for $18,500.

Genevieve Chapman to Burgess Castle; 0.828 acres at 5408 C.R. 123, Mt. Gilead, Harmony Twp. for $66,000.

Erwin Wunderland to Melody Davy; 2.1 acres on S.R. 314, Franklin Twp. for $58,600.

Roy Underwood to Kelsie Mattorano; 1.33 acres at 3651 S.R. 529, Cardington, Lincoln Twp. for exempt.