America is only as good as our workers and doers. Dreamers are critical. Faith is vital. However, faith and dreams without works are dead.

Everywhere I travel these days I see Nigerians, Kenyans, Egyptians, Asians and of course Hispanics doing jobs all over the United States. They seem to occupy 90% of the maid service jobs in hotels and to dominate the taxi industry. In many areas the Chinese and Mexicans appear to be the ones opening new restaurants. Two of the best restaurants in my town are the local Mexican and Chinese restaurants. Farmers desperate for workers and cheap labor bring Mexicans into America legally by the thousands on H-2 Visas. Farmers reportedly say the Mexicans will do the cheap labor jobs that Americans won’t do.

I keep hearing that these Internationals are doing the jobs that Americans won’t do.

Why is this? Too many Americans are quite happy to survive on a government check and food stamps rather than work.

Disabled Social Security, SSI and food stamps are disabling this nation. Too many people are willing to survive rather than work and try to better themselves. For all the people who truly deserve these benefits I say God bless you. I’m glad America can help. For the rest of the liars and thieves who work harder at cheating the system rather than trying to earn a paycheck then it’s time that your lazy ways end and you start paying back all the money you’ve stolen from your country.

President Jimmy Carter, age 90, has demonstrated an ethic of hard work. The President’s retirement package is generous. He could have lived in an exotic retirement spot the rest of his life but he kept working. His labor for Habitat for Humanity has been remarkable plus all of the other national and international diplomatic efforts that he has performed. Thus, Carter has remained sharp and has continued to be a working American. Carter recently announced he has liver cancer that has spread to other parts of his body. Our thoughts and prayers go out to he and his family as he now battles for his life.

If abled Americans would go back to work and start doing some of these jobs that Internationals are doing we could begin to take back some of our country.

Many of the illegals would go home because there would not be work for them to do. They are surviving well here because there is so much work to do!

Americans would become healthier physically and mentally. Many Americans have just enough financial support to watch television all day and then do little else with their lives. Millions of Americans are on massive amounts of medication and taking antidepressants and pain medicine each day. They know their lives are going nowhere and many become suicidal. In the meantime their eating and exercise habits are unhealthy and they become obese with declining health. This is further dragging our nation down because it costs hundreds of millions each year to treat all the people who are on welfare. If they were working to feed themselves they would be doing something meaningful. They would be out of the house and their health would be better thus saving the nation billions in medical and other welfare costs.

Homebound welfare Americans also produce children. Many of these children become second-generation welfare recipients because that’s all they have learned to do. This vicious cycle is eroding the very core of America that made us great and that core is the heart to work.

We truly need to get our good paying jobs back in America. However, we are only going to lose more if we aren’t willing to work.

Glenn Mollette is an American Syndicated Columnist and Author. He is the author of eleven books and read in all fifty states.

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By Glenn Mollette