Medical care is a lifelong necessity to a happy normal life.

Here are the solutions to solving the medical care crisis in our country.

Put the very poor and disabled on Medicaid. Essentially that is where they are now.

Allow those with preexisting conditions to buy into Medicare. If they are making just above the poverty rate then give them a financial break. Most people with a preexisting condition do not mind paying. They simply want some health insurance.

Next, allow the working people to have their insurance through their employers or buy insurance from any state in America. We need more competitive insurance carriers in the market.

The cost of prescription drugs is killing some Americans faster than their diseases. We commonly hear television stories about people going bankrupt because of cancer treatments. It’s time for us to Partner with Canada in an International prescription agreement. Our food and drug administration with Canada’s partnership could authorize safe drug houses for us to purchase our prescriptions. If you don’t mind traveling to Mexico you can already walk into their pharmacies and buy what you want. We need some type of North American Drug Deal that helps sick people buy medicine cost effectively and safely.

Emphasize and fund our county health clinics. Keep nurses on staff who can treat people with basic issues such as viruses and hand out birth control to women and men. Provide care for pregnant women by offering free ultrasounds. The health clinics must have access to our public schools. Representatives should be visiting the schools teaching prevention to at least all the elementary and junior high students. One of the main solutions to solving the medical crisis in our country is teaching our children about good health habits at an early age. In simple terms children need to hear about what is good and what is bad to eat. They need to hear about exercise, sleep, food portions and the importance of flossing and brushing their teeth. Warn them about the dangers of smoking and over drinking. And, it has to be more than just saying something is bad for you. Show pictures of what a smoker’s lungs look like. Show pictures of what fat looks like in our bellies. Obviously our children are not getting this information in their health classes. Our children are getting fatter and fatter and becoming very obese Americans. Thus, they are dealing with diabetes and heart issues at very young ages. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

We must press the health information on the minds of American people and make the care available and affordable.

If we live long enough we will all die from some health related issue. However, good medical care is an integral part of living a happy normal life.


Glenn Mollette is an American Syndicated Columnist and Author. He is the author of eleven books and read in all fifty states.

By Glenn Mollette