Marriage License

Ethan Richard VanDyke, 21, Centerburg, Business to Katlyn Briann Johnson, 21, Sparta, STNA.

Scot Alan Philpott, 52, Lexington to Beatrice Onyoyo Omwomo, 44, Lexington, Teacher.

Stephen James Grzeskowiak, 39, Chicago, IL, Marketing Manager to Sarah Lynn Clinger, 32, Chicago, IL, Analyst.

Nathan Robert Strome, 25, Mt. Gilead, Exercise Physiologist to Nicole Jessica Mitchell, 24, Shelby, Education Aide.

Jerrod John Schaber, 28, Mt. Gilead, Construction to Alexis Danielle Amos, 25, Mt. Gilead, Medical Assistant.

Real Estate


Joan Myers to Roger Schuette; 4.835 acres on T.R. 99, Gilead Twp. for $200,000.

Barbara Vanderkooi to Jack Prosser; 2.19 acres on T.R. 31, North Bloomfield Twp. for $46,000.

Karen Andrew to Amy Thurnbury; 1.653 acres on C.R. 165, Peru Twp. for $182,500.

Dave Decker to Robert Furman; Lot 641, Village of Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $135,000.


Jeremiah Whittington to Kirk Kincaid; 1.053 acres on C.R. 61, Canaan Twp. for $126,000.


Roger Creamer to Bonnie Frye; 4.074 acres on T.R. 205, South Bloomfield Twp. for $175,000.


John Wolfinger II to ABM Farms; 163.128 acres on T.R. 130 and C.R. 27, Cardington Twp. for 1,060,400.

Letitia Smith Trustee to Karen Arrington; Lot 709, Village of Mt. Gilead, Gilead Twp. for $69,500.

Lillian Cocklin to Edwards Gerhardt; 0.599 acres on U.S. 421 and 4th Street, Village of Cardington, Cardington Twp. for $80,000.


Jeff Tolle and Diane Bennett; Unit 9, Lot 211, Candlewood, Congress Twp. for $1,000.

Small Claims

Cardington Home and Auto, Cardington vs Henry Burch, Cardington, $366.57 money only.

Probate Court

Entry-Report of Distribution of Wrongful Death and Survival Claims; Order in the Estate of Wetzel Ferguson.

Hearing Notice; Distribution of Proceeds Wrongful Death; Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice in the Estate of Betty J. Ault.

Judgment Entry in the Estate of Richard Edward Morrison.

Proof of Service in the Estate of Peggy Kimberling.

Statement in Lieu of Account in the Estate of Stephanie Lynne McBride.

Entry Setting Hearing; Inventory Hearing in the Estate of Carl Edward Miller.

Entry Appointing Fiduciary; Letters of Authority in the Estate of Anne Marie DeForest.

Judgment Entry Order Approving Inventory and Appraisal in the Estate of Louise Elaine Lowe.

Judgment Entry Order Approving Transfer of Motor Vehicle in the Estate of Lawrence C. Foust.

Waiver of Notice of Probate of Will (11); Returned of Certified Mail Service (8) in the Estate of Clara Pearl Collins.

Notice of Hearing on Appointment of Fiduciary in the Estate of Beth Cummings.

Judgment Entry Order Approving Transfer of Motor Vehicle; Judgment Entry-Newly Discovered Assets in the Estate of Monica M. Foust.

Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice in the Estate of Donna M. Price.

Notice to Administrator of Estate of Recovery Program in the Estate of Mabel L. Braden.

Return of Certified Mail Service in the Estate of D. Elaine Keirns.

Application to Relieve Estate From Administration in the Estate of William G. Rine.