Edison Council members heard a report from James “Jim” Osborn at their July 13th meeting concerning the plan for photos and memorabilia at the Edison School to be displayed at the Morrow County Historical Society Museum in Mount Gilead. The council passed a motion to accept the Edison school bell and trophies for display at the Edison Municipal Building.

Jennifer Forrest, owner of Korner Klippers in Edison, also spoke during the Citizens’ Communication time at the meeting. Forrest first thanked Jerry Reeder, Rod Clinger and other Edison Street Department workers for their attention to the village streets and facilities. She then stated that she had some safety concerns for the street dept. and council.

Forrest first mentioned the hole by the Stop sign near her business. She said that she has several elderly clients and she is concerned that they can fall and be injured at that spot where they often park.

Street Department worker Rod Clinger responded that the area can be repaired and the street department will look into the problem. He was aware of the place she wanted fixed, but was not aware that there was a problem there.

Forrest also asked about what could be done about snow removal in the winter on the sidewalks. The council discussed that some areas of the village had good snow removal and other sidewalks weren’t touched. Since it is the responsibility of home and business owners to get their own sidewalks cleaned, the council had a couple suggestions of people who do snow removal.

A third concern Forrest has is the two to three feet of water that has collected in her basement this summer. She and her husband said that it looks like the village drain seems to dump into theirs and be part of the problem. Clinger said he was not aware of how all the village drains were laid out and said that it will be best to ask Jerry Reeder about that since he is more familiar with the village drainage system.

Clinger gave the street report since Street Commissioner Jerry Reeder was absent. He said they have more work to do in putting stone in alleys and on berms. They have been held up on that and several other projects due to the rainy weather. They are also working on patching holes and seams in streets.

Tree trimming in the park area and over streets is a priority along with painting curbs, cross walks and some stripe painting of streets. They are spreading wood chips in some of the park area. The clean-up of the foreclosed property at 219 Union St. is also a project for them.

Council Member April Anthony asked when the next mosquito spraying would be done. Clinger responded that it would be necessary to purchase more spray. The council then approved the amount of $200 to be used to purchase spray.

There was some discussion on how to proceed with the park. Patti Feustal said she had not yet purchased a picnic table due to the rainy weather this season.

Mayor Sandy Ackerman thanked the Street Department for their work on keeping the park area cleaned up, mowed and planting flowers. Council discussed the possibility of using the park area for a flea market during the annual yard sale days. Money raised would be used for park improvements. The annual yard sale day was set for Sat. Aug. 8th at the Edison Village Park area from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Alberta Stojkovic is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]


By Alberta Stojkovic

For the Morrow County Sentinel